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As an art school graduate, I’m no stranger to art made of unconventional materials or the notion that the process can be more important than the final product. Even with this background, I am completely blown away by Wynde Dyer’s patchwork quilts made of tarp.

In 2013 Wynde, a process-based artist who worked on installations or performance pieces, made her first tarp quilt. She decided to turn to art as a form of therapy to help her face the difficulties she encountered as a child. She mixed her aversions with objects that symbolize safety and security—one of which was pairing tarps with the comfort of a security blanket—for her exhibit entitled “Things That Aren’t Safe Are.”

Even though Wynde had never quilted before, she taught herself to piece strips of plastic tarp. The end result was so striking and the process of creating this patchwork tarp quilt, Wynde decided to make more. Now she has made over 100 tarp quilts!

Here’s a peek at some of her work:

I found Wynde’s story so inspiring, I couldn’t wait to share it with you. I’d highly recommend reading the full article written by the talented pattern designer, teacher, and writer Abby Glassenberg in the May/June issue of Modern Patchwork. Order your copy or download the digital issue to start reading right away.

And I’d love to hear from you! Do you make art using unconventional materials? Do you find the process therapeutic? Leave a comment below to share your story.

Happy quilting!

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