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I’m jumping on the Throwback Thursday bandwagon (#tbt) and posting this image of me with a patchwork quilt I made many years ago. It was the second quilt I’d ever made, a wedding gift for a friend, from pattern by Eleanor Burns.

Me with my second patchwork quilt, about 25 years ago.

It’s surprising, really, that it came out as well as it did, considering how little I knew about how to make a patchwork quilt. Nor did I have the tools and resources available today.

For example, not only did I make this quilt without a rotary cutter and ruler, I tore the fabric strips instead of cutting them. I just didn’t know any better.

My quilting left a lot to be desired, too. I used a combination of tie-quilt and stitch-in-the-ditch techniques; free-motion quilting wasn’t on my radar then, either.

Of course, I was just a beginner. And I’m still proud of that quilt. But if I’d had resources like the book Vintage Quilt Revival, I’m sure I would have learned patchwork techniques much faster. (Not to mention if I’d had pre-cut jelly rolls instead of my ripped fabric!)

Today, I’m inspired by the patchwork quilt patterns in magazines like Modern Patchwork. I love traditional blocks like log cabin and courthouse steps made contemporary with fabric choices, scale variations, and free-motion quilting.

modern patchwork quilt log cabin tara faughnan
The kind of patchwork quilt I’m drawn to today: Modern Log Cabin quilt by Tara Faughnan, featured in Modern Patchwork magazine, Spring 2014.

Plus, resources like these and many others offer tips on techniques like strip piecing and improvisational cutting.

So, while it’s fun to celebrate “Throwback Thursday,” it’s even more fun to look forward to new patchwork projects and my next handmade patchwork quilt design from all the resources in the Quilting Daily shop.

P.S. Tell me about your first (or second) quilt. How does it differ from quilts you make today?

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