Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0 | January/February 2009

MSRP $2499 (prices vary by dealer)
Reviewer: Eileen Fowler

Test driving a sewing machine can be quite similar to test driving a car. Even before its out of the box, the first thing I notice about Pfaffs Quilt Expression 4.0 is how large it is. With a roomy throat size of 10 inches, this is the stretch limo of home sewing machines.

Within a couple of minutes, I have the machine set up and flip on the power switch. Bright dual lights illuminate the entire bed of the machine. And I love the large easy-to-read graphic display.

After checking out the two different ways to wind bobbins, Im ready to take a tour around the block. Using the knee lift to control the presser foot, I am able to steer the fabric with both hands. As I pause at the end of my first two patches, the presser foot lifts ever-so-slightly, giving me just enough room to slide in the next two pieces. This feature helps me pick up speed and within minutes, I have chain-pieced dozens of patches. Pfaffs IDT system guarantees an even feed of the top and bottom fabrics for a smooth ride. With a press of a button, the threads are cut and Im off to the iron.

Reading through the owners manual, I see that I can program some features before starting to sew, like automatic tie-off at the beginning or end of the stitching. When I select a fancier stitch (and there are more than 200), the graphic screen recommends a presser foot, a tension setting and tells me if I need a stabilizer. I can change the length or width, taper, or create personal stitches or sequences and then save any of that in the machines memory.

This model also has two free-motion settings: the standard spring foot free-motion and Pfaffs sensormatic free-motion where the foot holds the fabric at slow speeds and floats at higher speeds. I was able to negotiate curves, loops and meander with ease to quickly finish my project. Pfaff may have thought of most everything with the Quilt Expression 4.0. Test drive for yourself. Its one ride youre sure to enjoy.

By the Numbers

9mm maximum width for decorative stitches

10inches of space to the right of the needle

37 different needle positions for precise topstitching

222+stitches from utility to decorative


Automatic presser foot lift that raises to a pivot position when the needle is set to stop down

Thread is snipped by a press of a button or when programmed

Super-sized sewing area to the right of the needle

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