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After last week’s marathon of sewing, the first thing I did was straighten up my sewing area. I am pretty messy when I sew. l worked on three different projects last week and had bits and pieces of all three on my sewing table. In fact, if I’m totally honest, there were things on that table that had nothing to do with any of the three projects. It was pretty scary.

The second thing I did was take stock of where I am and what I wanted to do next. I have an on-going battle with PIGS (Projects in Grocery Sacks). It seems no matter what I do, I have pieces and parts and half-done projects accumulating at a high rate of speed. I truly have two (almost three) boxes of PIGS. Every year, I promise myself that I will finish one PIG a month and then … life happens. I seldom complete the hoped-for 12 PIGS in a year. This year, I’ve done better than usual. That’s because each time I need to do a lesson or make a quilt for work, I check first in my stack of PIGS to see if there is a PIG that I can use.

So here’s how I’m doing this year with my PIGS. The first two that I’m showing are quilts that I worked on quite a while (like months and months) but for some reason I didn’t think of them as PIGS at the time. Looking back, I realize they had become PIGS, I just hadn’t labeled them that way in my mind.


If I Could Churn Back Time

The first quilt from the PIGS stack was If I Could Churn Back Time. I started working on this to help a friend of mine and then we decided she didn’t need a new churn dash quilt after all. I had this quilted right after the first of the year. It’s traveling this year as part of the Quilts from Within exhibit that is part of the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo events this year.

DPMQP160812 2 PIG Report

Confused Geese

Confused Geese was my second PIG for the year and it is patterned in the July/August 2016 issue of McCall’s Quilting. You can purchase the issue either in print or digital format or the digital pattern at QuiltandSewShop.com. I love this quilt. It was made with a jillion flying geese that I got as part of an office block exchange.

front PIG Report

First Bloom

The third PIG was First Bloom. My husband named it that because it was one of the first quilts that my then 4-year-old granddaughter helped with. She is the one who suggested that the flower blocks on the four corners be set on point.

The next PIG project was one I finished for one of the magazines so I can’t show it to you now.  I’ll show you photos of it later.

johnsquilt PIG Report

John’s Quilt

John’s graduation quilt was the fifth PIG of the year. I told you about it in my first blog post in June.

thewholequilt PIG Report

I Can Do Math

The sixth PIG was this pretty little table topper. I got to review the Pfaff performance 5.2 sewing machine for Quiltmaker magazine. You can read the review at Quilty Pleasures, the Quiltmaker blog. I used these nine blocks left from a bed-size quilt I made in 2015 to try out some of the fun stitches and features of the Pfaff performance 5.2.

churndashembroidered PIG Report

String-pieced Churn Dash Quilt

The seventh PIG is my beautiful churn dash quilt that I showed you last week. It’s at the quilter and I can hardly wait to see it.

piecedback PIG Report

The Start of Another Pieced Back

So here I am on the first of the eighth month of the year and I’m starting on my eighth PIG. Here is the beginning of the pieced back for PIG #8. I’m delighted. And for me, the taking-stock process is motivating. I didn’t actually realize that I was on target. I imagine I’ll work even harder to get those five other PIGS done for the year.

But now, I better see if I can clear some of the projects off my desk here at work. So until next time, be sure to visit The Quilting Company on Facebook, InstagramTwitterPinterest, and YouTube.

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