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A PIG No More

Finally, finally, I’ve finished this queen-size quilt. It was supposed to be my second PIGS (Projects in Grocery Sacks) finish for May but I just didn’t make it. I’ll tell you a little about it.

You can read about the first part of finishing this PIG here.

basting 300x168 Fixing a Mistake

Loaded on the Grace Q’nique 14+ for Basting

I took the quilt top, the preprinted backing fabric and some Warm 80/20 batting by The Warm Company to work. I loaded it onto the Grace Q’nique 14+ longarm quilting machine that we have in the sewing studio at work and I basted the 3 layers together.


free motion 168x300 Fixing a Mistake

Free-motion Quilting in Progress

Then I took it back home to quilt on my domestic machine. I free-motion quilted from the back to take advantage of the quilting lines printed on my backing fabric.

When I finished quilting and checked the front of the quilt, I found a mistake. There was a BIG pleat on the front. Not just a little pucker, a big pleat. It involved two of the eight-inch squares on the front of the quilt and, of course, it was near the center. I’m guessing there was about ½” of fabric in that crazy pleat. It wasn’t something I could ignore.

I took out the quilting on the two squares, hoping there would be enough give in the backing that I could just tug a little and get things to lay straight but no such luck. The pleat was way too large for that to work.

So I carefully snipped the stitching along one side of the two squares with the big pleat.

almostdone 227x300 Fixing a Mistake

Ready to Hand Stitch the Seam Closed

Next I cut a slash in the batting and just overlapped it to take care of the excess batting. Then I folded a larger seam, folding under the excess fabric on those two squares of my quilt top, pinned carefully and quilted again.

I hand-stitched the seam closed again after I checked to be sure the quilting was nicely done.

I’m pleased with the looks of my fix. Those two blocks are about ¾” narrower than the rest of the squares in my quilt but I don’t think that is nearly as noticeable as the big pleat was.

The quilt is bound and washed now. Most of the blue preprinted quilting lines disappeared in the laundering and I think the rest will fade as the quilt is used and washed again.

And I completed two PIGS with this project. The batik squares were a PIG but so was the preprinted backing fabric. I’m feeling pretty impressed with myself. And now I’m ready to move on to another PIGS project.

I’m thinking the next PIGS project needs to involve some serious stash busting. My fabric inventory is trying to take over my house. Bonnie Hunter’s patterns are almost always a good bet for using lots of different fabrics. I found two patterns that I like really well.

gardenparty 150x150 Fixing a Mistake

Garden Party

This is Garden Party. It’s available at QuiltandSewShop.com





BH 150x150 Fixing a Mistake

Patches and Pinwheels

Also available at QuiltandSewShop.com is Patches and Pinwheels.

I think I can substitute some of my orphan blocks for some of Bonnie’s blocks and have a pretty nice looking quilt.

Until next time, happy quilting!


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