Podcast Premiere: The Quilting Company Podcast Will Keep You in Stitches

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Are you the kind of person who likes to pour a mug of tea, gather around a table — or quilting frame — with your best quilting buddies, and chat about… everything?

Then you’re in luck!

The premiere episode of The Quilting Company Podcast is now available and promises to be a fresh source of fun, creative inspiration, and a conversation starter within the quilting community at large.

Episode one – Our Quilting Heritage–introduces you to our hosts and gives the listener a taste of what’s to come: lots of humor, interesting conversations about quilts, and a peek behind the scenes of bringing the quilting industry’s premier publications to print.

First, meet our hosts.

You’ll soon know them by the sound of their voices, but a picture is worth a thousand words! Each of them brings so much to the show – and combined, they have more than 70 years of experience.

Lori Baker

Host Lori Baker

Host Lori Baker

Meet Lori Baker, one of the most inspiring and talented quilters we know. Lori made her first quilt as a baby gift 47 years ago, and has been going strong (with more than 300 finished quilts!) ever since. She brings all of her experience to the table as editor of Love of Quilting and as Acquisitions Editor for all of The Quilting Company publications.

Carrie Sisk

Host Carrie Sisk

Host Carrie Sisk

Carrie Sisk is a first generation quilter and, as a millennial, brings a unique voice to the podcast. Carrie’s responsibilities at The Quilting Company are critical: she is the Social Media Manager and interfaces with the entire quilting community online. And of course, she loves to quilt!

Tracy Mooney

Host Tracy Mooney

Host Tracy Mooney

As Editor of McCall’s Quilting and Quiltmaker magazines, Tracy Mooney is a fresh face in our offices. She and her family moved to Colorado just six months ago, and she’s really enjoying putting all of her quilting knowledge and talent to work in these publications.

Join Lori, Carrie, and Tracy as the share their love of quilting, chat about their first quilts – and first sewing machines, discuss heartwarming Quilts of Valor® quilt presentations, chat about their pinning preferences (to pin or not to pin?) and provide what we’re sure will be the first of many fun and informative glimpses behind-the-scenes at The Quilting Company.

You can listen to this episode here at The Quilting Company or subscribe to the Quilting Company Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, ETC. so you’ll never miss an episode. Why not gather your friends to listen together? It will be like you’re all in the room with Lori, Carrie, and Tracy, stitching away at the quilt frame!

Stay tuned and don’t forget to head over to The Quilting Company Podcast page to listen to the next episode, publishing on 2/27.

The Quilting Company Editorial Team

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