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Quilters have many jokes about owning several irons–but never ironing laundry. That’s because quilters don’t iron, we press.

Correctly pressing the many seams on patchwork quilts like this  Back to Basics design allows the blocks to lie flat and makes  it easier to align the blocks and quilt them.

What’s the difference? Ironing is a side-to-side motion that removes wrinkles. Pressing is an up-and-down motion used for fusing fabric and for making seams lie flat. Flat seams are crucial to patchwork quilting techniques that involve measuring and aligning blocks.

Traditionally, quilters have always pressed their seam allowances to the side. If you have dark fabric on one side and lighter fabric on the other, you press to the dark side. (Pressing dark fabric to the light side would allow the darker fabric to show through to the front.)

Many modern patchwork quilt artists like to press the seams open, however, saying it allows for a flatter seam. In most cases it’s a matter of preference.

Using steam when pressing is also a matter of preference. When used correctly, steam can help the pressing process. However, if you use steam with an ironing motion, be aware that the moisture and movement can distort the sewn units.

Here, then, is the basic method for pressing seams for quilting.

1. Set the seam before pressing it. Place the sewn unit on the ironing board, wrong side out, and lower the iron onto the fabric for a few seconds. This merges the thread and fabric.

how to set a seam patchwork quilt
‘Set’ the seam by pressing the seam allowances
together on the wrong side.

2. Press the seam. Open the sewn unit and place it wrong side up on the ironing board. Fold the seam allowance to the darker side, then press the seam flat, lowering and lifting the iron. Alternatively, you can finger press the seam open and press the seam flat.

pressing patchwork quilt seams to dark side pressing patchwork quilt seams open
Open the sewn unit right side down and press the seam
allowance to the darker side.
Alternatively, you can press the seam allowance open.

3. Finish. Flip the sewn unit over so the right side is facing up and press again.

finish pressing patchwork quilt seams
Finish by pressing the seam from the front.

Now that you know how to press seams, why not try a simple patchwork quilt pattern?

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P.S. Do you prefer to press seams flat or open? Leave a comment below!

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