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I have a bunch of pincushions, some from my mom and grandmother, and others I’ve picked up along the way.

My favorite is made of felted wool, and was probably made by felting a “log” of wool together, and cutting it into 2″ slices. Once, I was using this pincushion near my machine and it kept rolling away, so I set in on top of a Mason jar holding small fabric scraps.

My favorite pincushion, simple but effective–and
it holds fabric scraps, too!

Surprisingly, the pincushion fit the jar perfectly, and now I use them together. When I’m feeling fancy, I’ll even pin a few vintage yoyos around the edge to pretty it up.

To me, pincushions are one of my favorite fabric crafts-like a 3-D fabric collage. Making one is a great way to use up fabric scraps or practice textile art techniques, and they make great gifts.

This Selvage Edge Pincushion by Cindy Wiens makes use of all those colorful, graphic strips we usually cut off before creating a fabric art project. You overlap the selvage strips on a foundation fabric to create the decorative top.

selvage pincushion fiber art crafts cindy wiems
Turn your graphic selvage edges into a fabric art project,
like this pincushion by Cindy Wiens.

Michelle Muska makes these Embellished, Stuffed Yo-yo pincushions out of scraps of cotton, velvet, or silk. Each Embellished Yo-yo is finished off with buttons, ribbons, trims, and beads.

pincushion fabric crafts michelle muska
Giant yo-yos make gorgeous fiber art pincushions.
By Michelle Muska.

Cheryl Sleboda’s adorable smocked pincushion works up quickly, once you get the hang of the technique.

smocked pincushion fabric crafts cheryl sleboda
Cheryl Sleboda makes these candy-colored fiber art confections
using fabric manipulation techniques.

The full directions for these little gems will be in the December/January 2014/15 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine. But you can learn how to smock and other fabric manipulation techniques right now with Cheryl’s Heirloom Sewing Collection for Modern Day Quilters.

P.S. Do you have a favorite pincushion? Tell me about it in the space below.

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