Primitive Lines Block of the Month: Part 1

The Primitive Lines Block of the Month program is brought to you by The Quilting Company and Northcott Fabrics.

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Hi, I’m Ginger Hildred, quilter and The Quilting Company’s guest blogger for the Primitive Lines BOM. Although I have been making quilts off and on for about 40 years, this is my first block of the month quilt. I love batiks, and log cabins are one of my favorite patterns, so when I saw this pattern I knew I had to make it! The colors are very earthy and warm, just inviting me to make this quilt. In addition to my blog-a-long, you can also view our instructional video about Primitive Lines month 1.

When I got my first packet in the mail, I opened it and had to spread out all the fabrics so I could see all the beautiful colors.


Now it is time to get started!
Cutting the darks into strips and then further into smaller strips was my first step in this project.


Cutting the light batik was next to do: cutting strips, squares, and then half-square triangles from the larger strips.


Now I had all of my pieces available, stacked with each color and size in its own pile. This allows me to keep all the colors together so I don’t pick up the wrong piece.


Chain piecing was the quickest way to sew the blocks together and maintain the color separation. First I pieced the centers, then added the larger side blocks to the top and bottom. Pressing seams, also while connected in the chain piecing, between each addition ensures even seams for the blocks.


After the outside 2 blocks are added to the centers, this is a good time to square up the blocks before adding the half square triangles. My seams are not always perfect, so taking the time to square up the block now helps ensure that all the final blocks will be more consistent.


Next is the addition of half square triangles around the blocks, eyeballing the center point to be close to the center of the center square.


I like to sew the opposite sides first, press, and then trim the “dog ears” which reduces bulk and gives a straight line for sewing the other half square triangles.


Now sew on the other two sides. Time to square up the blocks again to remove the “dog ears” and to have a 4¾-inch block, which will finish at 4¼-inch.


You are almost done! Now arrange the blocks so there are two rows of 11 blocks and two rows of 13 blocks. Make sure the colors are arranged so like colors are not together and there is a pleasing flow of color through the borders.


Your first block of the month is done! I can’t wait for next month’s package!

Happy BOM-ing – Ginger

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