QM Cool Down: Winter Quilts

It’s that time of year when the air starts to gather a chill and the holidays are near. This is also a quilter’s busy season! It seems like a good time to share some cool, wintery quilts—here are some of our favorite chilly designs. Grab a mug of something warm and tasty and enjoy!

Snowflakes | Winter Quilts

Snowflakes, designed by Barbara Fiedler and Sherri Driver.

Snowflakes looks complex, but foundation paper piecing makes this one a breeze to sew. Crystal snowflakes glisten on this 65½” x 75″ throw- or lap-quilt—it’s fun for the holidays, but you can break it out early to enjoy all winter long.

Snowmen | Winter Quilts

Snowmen in the Woods, designed by Quiltmaker staff | Originally appeared in Quiltmaker November/December 2003

Snowmen in the Woods, from Quiltmaker November/December 2003, features easy appliqué and simple foundations. As a bonus, you’ll find appliqué accessories for a stylish snowlady in the quilt pattern!

5022 pattern img QM Cool Down: Winter Quilts

Sorta Snowflakes appeared in the

Just above is Sorta Snowflakes, designed by Sherri Driver, which appeared in No. 100, the Nov/Dec ’04 issue. You’ll find this one in your back issues of Quiltmaker. Something to learn here: a quilt with red in it does not really feel “cool.” Red is a warm, fiery color!

13922 pattern img QM Cool Down: Winter Quilts

Winter Critters by Sonja Callaghan; appeared in Nov/Dec ’11 (No. 142).

We love Winter Critters by Sonja Callaghan from the 2011 Nov/Dec issue (No. 142). A limited number of kits are still available for this piece. The pattern is included with the kit. Isn’t it wonderfully whimsical?

dakotasnowstorm QM Cool Down: Winter Quilts

Dakota Snowstorm, designed by Jodi Crowell; appeared in May/June ’08 (No. 121).

And last but not least is Dakota Snowstorm, which appeared in the May/June ’08 (No. 121). So chilly it almost gives you goosebumps! Again, look to your back issues for the pattern.

Wherever you are, stay cool!

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