McCalls Quick Quilts April/May 2018

McCall’s Quick Quilts April/May ‘18

McCall’s Quick Quilts April/May ‘18

Happy Spring! This is my favorite time of year—everything is new again. I love the colors, warmer weather and longer days. The change in seasons also invigorates my soul and my creativity. What new quilting designs do I want to try? What can we add to our magazines to make them more appealing to our readers? Lots of ideas are flowing through my head!

We’re fortunate to have a wonderful team that helps to put this magazine together—from art to edit and beyond—a lot of people are involved with publishing our magazines. As a way to introduce you to a very important member of our staff, starting with our next issue, Associate Editor Gigi Khalsa will be sharing this editorial page with me. Gigi is full of creative ideas, and I’m looking forward to having her share her thoughts with you.

In each issue, we like to find quilts with some interesting twist to share with you. This issue focuses on quilts that have diagonal lines. Diagonal lines take many different forms, and there are several variations to try. From simple crossing lines, like Mid Mod Criss Cross to the flowing colors of Chasing Rainbows to the pieced bands in Shattered Chevrons plus more, you’ll find a wonderful variety for your sewing pleasure. As always, I love hearing from you.

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