McCalls Quick Quilts June/July 2018


Quick Quilts June/July 2018Though memories and milestones happen all year round, the transition from spring into summer seems especially popular for big celebrations. It’s the time when students graduate, weddings are scheduled and many people plan big summer vacations or family reunions. I think that making a quilt is the perfect way to mark each and every one of these momentous occasions!

Besides making quilts to commemorate special moments, as quilters, we also know it’s just fun to try different ways of doing things! It’s so satisfying to get creative and try new techniques, and in this issue we’ve focused on different ways of sewing triangles. We’ve got Triangle-Squares, Flying Geese, hourglass blocks, templates and a cool strip-piecing shortcut for making triangle units in Skipping Stones.

We’ve worked hard to put together a great selection of quilts for all occasions, whether to mark a big life milestone, as décor for a special celebration or simply if you want to make a really nice quilt with triangles. Ten Pockets is a great upcycling project for using worn-out jeans pockets, and you can include contributions from the whole family in one quilt. Memories is a lovely quilt pattern as it is, and can easily be adapted to become a signature quilt for a special occasion. Americana is an easy, fun patriotic project made entirely with triangles if you like to decorate for the 4th of July holiday.

How do you turn memories into quilts? How can we help you better in that pursuit? Email us at with any questions, thoughts, photos or suggestions.

Gigi Khalsa, Associate Editor

Table of Contents

In Every Issue


  • Skipping Stones: small blocks can make a huge impact!
  • Star Search: easy blocks make for a fun, fast quilt
  • Festive Forest: whether you see trees or bunting—it’s tons of fun!
  • Basket Toss: throw together a fun basket quilt
  • Americana: patriotism abounds!
  • Summertime Rolls: brighten up your room with this easy, breezy table runner
  • Tango: dance your way through the creation of this quilt
  • Ten Pockets: turn your old clothes into a brand new quilt!
  • Memories: ask guests to sign the block centers or frames!

In This Issue

  • Thanks for the Memories: Quilts to Mark Milestones
  • Tips for Accurate Seam Allowances

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