quick-quilts-october-november-2018-coverWhat drew you to quilting in the first place? Was it the pretty fabrics? Family tradition? The satisfaction of making something beautiful and useful from scraps? Or was it the bewitching patterns that can be created with the clever manipulation of color, value and shape?

Whatever brought us to quilting, it hasn’t let go and continues to fascinate and delight with the never-ending creative possibilities. I never get tired of thinking of new quilt designs and how I could create exciting, unusual compositions using the quilting techniques I know and love. In this issue, we’ve compiled a selection of quilt patterns that may make you take a second look, to see how they were put together, or because they create depth, glow or dimension by using color, value and shape so effectively.

Smoke & Mirrors looks simple at first glance, but it’s made with a fun stitch & flip technique with triangles. Jewel Mine uses shape and value to create dimension, and it’s made with an easy strip piecing technique—no set-in seams required! Heaven’s Light uses color and value to create blocks that glow like a stained-glass window.

We’ve also included alternate color and value placements in some of the patterns, to get you thinking about how you might change up the designs to get different effects. Our short article, Quick Tips for Creating Illusion Quilts, will give you even more ideas for mesmerizing quilts that are easy to sew. The magic of quilting is varied and abundant, so try a few of these new tricks to make a treat of a quilt!

There is a wide variety of great projects included in this issue, from attractive decorative pieces to big, queen-size bed quilts, all chosen with speed and style in mind. You can choose to make a pattern to learn something new, or you can choose something just for fun.

We want to make sure you have the best quilting experience possible! Is there anything we haven’t covered that we should? What kinds of projects would you like to see? Email us at editor@quickquilts.com with any questions, thoughts, photos or suggestions.

Gigi Khalsa, Associate Editor

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  • Quick Tips for Creating Illusion Quilts

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