Quick Quilts Quick Pics: August/September 2018

Quick Quilts Quick Pics from the August/September 2018 issue

Quilting made easy is what you’ll find in McCall’s Quick Quilts, with patterns you should be able to piece in one or two weekends. Each issue also includes Quick Pics, a page of photos that readers have sent us of quilts they’ve made based on their favorite patterns from previous issues. Here are the ones showcased in the August/September 2018 issue. Great work, everybody, and thanks for sharing your photos to inspire other quilters! (Scroll down to learn how to submit a Quick Pic for future consideration.)

Ruth Ann Henson of Goldthwaite, Texas, wanted to make That Cat (Quick Quilts, Aug/Sept 2015) despite not being a cat person herself. Instead, she made it for her niece Kristina White, who requested a green color palette. Ruth kept the cat black, not knowing at the time it would match one of Kristina’s own kitties (shown in the picture).

That Cat by Ruth Ann Henson

That Cat quilt made by Ruth Ann Henson of Goldthwaite, Texas.

Janice E. Sanders of Taylor, Michigan, made a blue-and-green version of Sweet Pinks (Quick Quilts, Feb/March 2014) by Gerri Robinson as a Christmas gift in 2016 for her precious 82-year-old mother.

A blue and green version of Sweet Pinks from Quick Quilts, Feb/March 2014

A blue-and-green version of Sweet Pinks by Janice E. Sanders of Taylor, Michigan.

Jessica Munson of Tuscola, Texas, had been waiting for the right pattern to use a particular orange print and knew she found it when she saw Mid Mod Criss Cross (Quick Quilts, April/May 2018). She’s been quilting for 10 years and has made a number of Quick Quilts patterns in the past decade.

 Mid Mod Criss Cross by Jessica Munson of Tuscola, Texas from Quick Quilts, April/May 2018.

Mid Mod Criss Cross by Jessica Munson of Tuscola, Texas.

Nann Hilyard of Winthrop Harbor, Illinois, took the original pattern for Soft & Rosey (Quick Quilts, Dec/Jan 2014) and adapted it to make an I Spy quilt. She says the 4” x 6” rectangle patches in each block were the perfect size for
featuring novelty prints.

 Soft & Rosey recreated as an I Spy quilt by Nann Hilyard from Quick Quilts, Dec/Jan 2014

Soft & Rosey recreated as an I Spy quilt by Nann Hilyard of Winthrop Harbor, Illinois

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