Quilt Binding Options: Back to Basics

quilt binding

You’ve finished piecing your quilt top. You’ve spent hours quilting that perfect design. Maybe you’ve even square everything off. Now it’s time to bind your quilt—but how?

I don’t know about you, but binding is my least favorite step. I feel so close to completion—but binding always takes me a lot longer than I bargain for!

quilt binding

A straight-edge example from Patrick Lose’s course, “Quilt Binding Basics”

Not to mention, there are so many choices! A straight-edge binding? Scallops? Do you use Prairie Points? Do you leave it raw-edge? Do you add faux piping? The choices for finishing the edges of your quilts can seem endless, and while some are more traditional than others each adds that last design element to a finished quilt.

quilt binding

Detail of faux piping on “Prismatic” • Gina Gempesaw

Don’t let all of the time, effort, and artistry of making your quilt end before you attach a binding. See the binding through to the end and research types of binding, fabrics, and techniques so the edges of your piece can shine just like the rest of it.

quilt binding

I was feeling that I needed to up my binding game, so I started with some online learning. Patrick Lose, a well-known quilt and fabric designer has a fabulous course on binding basics. Now I know how to make a binding and use it, but it never hurts to see the process from the beginning and pick up some tips along the way.

quilt binding

Photo taken in Istanbul, Turkey. Photo credit: Getty Images/Murat Inan/EyeEm

Patrick is a big proponent of steaming while pressing his binding strips, a step I usually skimp on because I’m too lazy to fill up my iron. While this may seem trivial, reminding myself that pressing is important will help my results in the end! There is another great tip about reducing bulk in mitered corners, but I won’t spoil it as it blew my mind!

Patrick not only walks you through regular, straight-edge binding but has a great technique for creating a continuous, bias binding! I’ve never tried a scalloped edge to finish a quilt but the fun way of making these strips has me itching to try! (Or maybe I’ll start small and try an oval placemat like Patrick does on his sample.)

quilt binding

“Prismatic” • Gina Gempesaw • Quick Quilts October/November 2019

Taking Patrick’s binding course helped settle my angst about binding my latest creation, and I even learned a great trick for matching stripes while piecing binding strips! Reminding me of the basics has piqued my interest to try some more exotic finishing treatments as well. Quick Quilts October/November 2019 has some more great examples of interesting bindings, so grab your copy today for great inspiration!

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