Quilt Design with Electric Quilt and Nancy Mahoney

If you are like me and actually own a version of the design software Electric Quilt but haven’t mastered it or in my case, haven’t even set it up on your computer, The Quilting Company has the perfect workshop for you.

Starting on October 14, join quilt designer Nancy Mahoney as she teaches you how to use the Electric Quilt software (affiliate link) to design your own custom quilts in the Quilt Design in EQ with Nancy Mahoney | October Interactive Workshop.

Nancy will walk you through all the features of EQ7 and how to design a quilt. Also, by registering for the workshop you will get access to a never-released webinar with Nancy walking through some of the new features of EQ8.

Electric Quilt

Nancy’s quilts designed with EQ software: Crooked Path – F&P Easy Quilts, Spring 2015 & Square Connections – F&P Scrap Quilts, Spring 2015

Nancy starts the workshop showing you how to get started with a new project and explores worktables. She focuses on horizontal quilts and how to use the block library and demonstrates adding blocks. Nancy packs this lesson with so much more information like adding and modifying borders and even adding fabric from the fabric library. She goes over modifying the quilt and adding sashing strips. It’s pretty cool seeing how easy it is to make changes and see my designs come to life.

electric quilt

EQ offers both block and fabric libraries and it’s a breeze to build borders.

Designing on-point quilts is no easy task with graph paper and pen, but in EQ it’s so simple to create. Nancy shares all the steps for designing on-point quilts and on-point medallion quilts. Fussing cutting, and yardage estimates are two things I never thought a software would do, but EQ has you covered.

electric quilt

Nancy’s shows how easy it is to design on-point quilts, even with medallions.

If you are a motif maniac, we have you covered. Nancy goes over creating custom sets and layers along with adding the many motifs EQ offers. I spend hours in the thread section of my local quilt/sew shops and it was no different with the thread library I discovered in EQ!

electirc quilt

EQ offers so many fun motifs to play with!

If you get bored trying to choose from the over 500 blocks in the EQ block library, you can design your own pieced blocks and appliqué blocks with this amazing software as well. Nancy explains all the bells and whistles on designing your own blocks.

electric quilt

Designing your own pieced or appliqué blocks couldn’t be easier!

There are so many aspects of EQ that are covered in this workshop, but Nancy saves one of the coolest things for the last lesson. You can take your favorite photos and trace them to create unique designs for your quilts. What a wonderful way to create a quilt that has special meaning to the person you are making it for or for yourself if it’s a quilt just for you!

electric quilt

EQ allows you to utilize your own photos to trace designs to create quilt blocks.

This workshop is only running for a limited time, from October 14th – November 15th so be sure to register by November 1st when registration closes. You will have interactive access with your fellow students and your instructor, Nancy Mahoney. This is your chance to ask one of the best quilt designers on the planet any design questions, so don’t wait. Register today for this informative and engaging class and take your quilt designing to the next level.

Ginger Tatic

Featured Image: Register today for Quilt Design in EQ with Nancy Mahoney | October Interactive Workshop. Workshop start on October 15th – November 15th.

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  • Primrose B

    I would love to take this Workshop, but I have EQ8. Time to update the course, you think?

    October 4, 2019 at 6:59 pm
  • Janice M

    I’m extremely confused. Is this workshop really for EQ7? Or is it supposed to be for EQ8?

    October 4, 2019 at 10:15 pm

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