Quilt Kits to Start Your Holiday Making

I have a fairly large extended family. About ten years ago we started a Secret Santa so that the volume of gift giving stayed under control. The Secret Santa list comes out at just about the end of summer, where we find ourselves now. I have received my pick this year and I think the gift making will have to commence soon! As I wait every Labor Day to see if I’ve got someone who is easy to please I begin to search for quilts and small projects to make not only for my Secret Santa but for others in my immediate family as well. I often search for quilt kits—tidily packaged projects that let me get making with little fuss.

“Aviary” quilt kit designed by Denise Russell

“Aviary” designed by Denise Russell

Quilt kit for my Secret Santa

So I’m making my list and checking it twice for kits I can’t wait to make and give away! Here’s my first pick, for my aunt (she’s my Secret Santa this year). The Aviary Quilt Kit is just perfect for her, she loves soft blue and pink tones. I love that I get to play with the ‘All-a-Twitter’ fabric collection from Hoffman Fabrics, which I’ve been greedily eyeing for a while. What a lovely way to use these geometric prints. This is a new kit so I’m making sure I snag one before they sell out!

“Whirligig” designed by Nancy Allen

“Whirligig” designed by Nancy Allen

A kit for sister

My sister has been redecorating a bit, and has a little bit of a pop art vibe happening in her apartment right now. The Whirligig Quilt Kit drew my eye immediately. It has such a cool layout and I love the use of the large and small pinwheels to make a secondary pattern. Featuring modern fabric this quilt will fit right in with her décor. What’s a quilt without a rad backing? I am thinking these polka dots might be just the thing to tie them all together.

“Summer’s End” designed by Wendy Sheppard

“Summer’s End” designed by Wendy Sheppard

Treat yourself

And now a little gift for me (what is the start of the holiday making season if not a time for a little self-treating?). I have fallen head over heels for the Summer’s End Quilt Kit. We are not huge seasonal decorators, but we try to change it up a little bit (plus wash everything the cat has been lying on for months). These leaves jive so well with my jade rug. The movement in this quilt really emulates leaves floating gently down to land nestled in the fading grass. Fall is my favorite time of year and this quilt is becoming a must-have in my mind. See how the line of smaller leaves at the bottom will hang perfectly when folded over a couch?

I recently rearranged my sewing area and realized my fabric stash is starting to outgrow its containment system. However, using these quilt kits will let me try new fabrics and patterns without adding to my stash since the kits come with just the fabric needed for each project. If I decide I really am overrun with fabric right now I can always look for quilt patterns. I’m starting today to meet my holiday deadlines and so I can snag my favorite kits before they’re gone!

If you’re ready to start your holiday projects too download your next pattern instantly or peruse our quilt kits to have all of the material for the quilt top arrive on your doorstep with plenty of time to make before this holiday season.

What are you gearing up to make this year?

Sew long,

Love the quilts I featured? Make your own version in time for the holidays!




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