Dear Readers: Quilt Magazines for a Happy New Year

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Dear Readers,

We are so excited to share the content we are putting together for our 2019 quilt magazines! We think you’ll also find the plans we have for the Quilting Company website and our social media outlets will bring you and your quilting buddies the total quilter’s experience.

Our goal is to give you the right information, in the right place and at the right time where you look for it. In 2019 we are going to give you options across all the information channels you go to for ideas, find projects and to learn new skills. You may read about a new technique on our website, be intrigued by one or more quilt projects using the technique in our magazines and then go to our videos to have someone show you the details of how-to for your own project.

You will still find an abundance of projects in our quilt magazines. We’re still producing Love of Quilting TV and Quilting Arts TV. We will continue to explore the latest trends, tell you about new tools and how to use them in your quilt making. We are still committed to reaching out to all quilters with a range of skill levels and interests: beginner to advanced; traditional, contemporary, modern and art quilting; with projects to make just for fun and the experience of learning, to keep or give to others and to decorate your home. You’ll find designs that captivate from your favorite designers and we’ll promote the work of new designers coming onto the quilt scene. And you’ll find stories. We’ll weave the stories of the makers, the designs they create and the fabrics they choose all through our quilt magazines, website, and social media.

We’ve got you covered. From the pages of our publications to our Internet outreach, the doors are open wide to read more, learn more and do more with your quilting, connect with the TQCMysteryQuilt community, make what the group is making with a Block-of-the-Month program, watch Facebook Live events presented by our staff and listen to Podcasts that bring you the designer’s backstory and news from the industry. You’ll find more access to video demonstrations and classes to learn new techniques.

What to Expect in Quilting Magazines for 2019


Continuing Quilting Traditions

Love of Quilting, January/February, 2019


With the heart of the Love of Quilting magazine focusing on quilters as a community, whose members share a common personal passion, you’ll find…

• Traditional quilt designs, patterns, fabrics and colors to get you and your friends talking.

• Discussions about our quilting heritage with the history of traditional quilt and block designs, designing with vintage reproduction fabrics, hand-down or found antique quilts.

• Quilting notables sharing inspirations, best practices and innovative technology and tools that save you time and/or money.

In 2019, we are giving some special attention to finishing your quilt with quilting designs to inspire you and articles about quilting with a domestic or longarm machine. We are refreshing our popular Sew Easy Lesson series and will bring you new lessons to help you use all the features of your rulers and templates.

Contemporary Traditional Quilts

McCall’s Quilting, January/February, 2019


Embracing the sacred traditions of quilting and acknowledging contemporary trends, McCall’s Quilting strives to bring both to your quilting projects. Look for…

• Traditional quilt blocks and designs from trending designers, the freshest of traditional and contemporary fabrics.

• Inspirational projects to complement your lifestyle and home décor and to make for family and friends.

In 2019, you’ll learn how to make your traditional designs contemporary, with simple to complex blocks, quilt designs and quilting finishes.




Quilts of Traditional to Modern Design

Quiltmaker: January/February, 2019


Stretching beyond imaginings and inspiring intermediate to advanced quilters describes the vibe of Quiltmaker for 2019. We are taking this magazine to a slightly different place. Along with quilt projects you’ll learn about designers and the designs they create, and the quilting lifestyle. We are planning…

• Lots of content for the seasoned quilter who has made the quilting journey and wants to be challenged with complex techniques, unusual block placements and unique surface designs for quilts.

• Articles and projects that tell you how to change a quilt design or create your own designs with a fusion of shapes, texture and color.

• To expand your skills by exploring domestic machine accessories, quilting with rulers and longarm quilting techniques, and by using original and novel tools in innovative ways.



Quilting as an Art Form

Quilting Arts, December/January, 2019


The collaboration between quilting, fiber art, and surface design creates the unique publication for Quilting Arts. With this publication comes the acknowledgement of quilting as a true art form as the designs transcend traditional and contemporary quilting into artistic endeavors. In 2019, readers will…

• Be inspired by galleries of professional work, each with gorgeous photos that reveal the texture and craftsmanship of the top quilters in the field.

• Learn innovative techniques that explore art quilting’s use of mixed media, embellishment, surface design, fabric manipulation, and more.

• Find insightful articles about the professional and show circuit, profiles of world-class quilters, interviews with industry professionals, and projects using unique techniques.


Beginner and Intermediate Quilters, Traditional and Modern Designs

McCall’s Quick Quilts, December/January, 2019


In 2019 McCall’s Quick Quilts will continue to provide designs to make in a weekend or two, to get a quick quilting fix, to give a hand-made gift to a family member or friend or to contribute to a favorite charity. We’re also …

• Bringing you a variety of modern as well as traditional projects, inspiring designs made with simple construction.

• Including articles and quilt projects geared toward beginners and quilters who want to hone their skill set.

• Describing techniques to help you expand your quilting repertoire.




Quilt Designs from 2-1/2” Strips, 2-1/2”, 5” and 10” Squares, Fat Quarters, Fat Eighths and Other Pre-cut Bundles

Pre-Cut Patchwork, January/February, 2019


The focus of Pre-Cut Patchwork (formerly Quilting Quickly) is to provide traditional and modern quilt projects using techniques that are made with pre-cut fabric collections. In 2019 we will…

• Showcase stunning quilt designs that inspire you to use the fabric collections manufacturers select for pre-cuts.

• Teach you more about placement of fabric colors and textures when using a collection.

• Share technique and tools to use for quilt making with pre-cuts and making pre-cuts with fabric cutting machines.





Fast and Easy Quilts to Keep or Give

Easy Quilts, Winter, 2019


Easy Quilts projects can usually be made in a weekend or less. In 2019, you will want to pick up this magazine to:

• Find an assortment of ideas for home decorating, to give as gifts to family and friends or to donate to favorite charities.

• Select projects suitable for quilt guilds or charitable programs.

• Get projects to make for kids and some for kids to make.

The issues of this publication include die-cut friendly projects and panel quilts incorporating seasonal and novelty print fabrics.



The Modern Quilting Guild Show’s Companion Publication

Watch for QuiltCon 2019 on sale February 26, 2019


Produced with the staff of the Modern Quilt Guild, QuiltCon magazine is the official publication for the yearly show. All content is sourced from MQG members and is focused on highlighting the cutting edge quilts of the modern quilting movement. Content includes an exclusive peek into behind the scenes galleries of innovative show quilts, moving stories about MQG community spirit, and patterns for ten exclusive quilt projects curated from the show. Look for:

• Beautiful photography, engaging articles, and innovative modern quilt designs. The content pays tribute to the modern quilt movement as it has been shaped by the MQG. Innovative, graphic, and modern quilts photographed in a modern setting.

• Updates on current design trends, behind the scenes happenings at the show, and information about the galleries and special exhibits quilts.

Check out the stars of our January/February issues, brought to you by The Quilting Company.
Launch the ebook and take a look!

We hope you’ll spend some time with our publications next year!

Wishing you the best of the holiday season and a New Year filled with quilting adventure.

Tricia Patterson
The Quilting Company
Group Editorial Director

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