Quilt Me A Valentine

Valentine’s Day inadvertently turned into a big deal in my house. When my kids were small, I always wanted to make sure that everyone knew they had a Valentine, so I always bought them a box of chocolates and maybe a card. One year, Valentine’s Day fell on a Saturday, so I decorated with hearts, put out the good china, made waffles for breakfast and served orange juice in wine glasses. The next year I did the same thing because it was on a Sunday. It was the weekend after all!

The following year, my daughter said: “Oh I can’t wait until breakfast tomorrow!” I was thinking “But it’s MONDAY…” The look on her face broke my heart. Suddenly, I found myself running out to the store at 9 pm looking for frozen Belgian waffles, strawberries, and whipped cream.

Do you have silly holiday memories, too? My kids are almost all grown and living on their own now, so Valentine’s Day isn’t a big family thing anymore. But I find myself looking for ways to celebrate the holidays from a few states away. Quick projects are always on my mind, so I thought they might also be on yours, too. Here are some lovely projects just in time for Valentine’s Day that have caught my eye. Let me know what you think.

Quick heart decorations to adorn your home.

This quilt is made with love.


This table runner will look festive all month long.


Simple triangle squares turn into hearts in this easy quilt pattern.

This quilt by Bev Getschel is simply divine!

If you make any of these adorable patterns, I sure would love to see it! Tag us @the_quilting_company and me @sewsupportive—I can’t wait to see what you make!

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