Quilt Patterns: Fat Quarter, Scrap, and Easy… OH MY!

Fat quarter quilts, scrap quilts and easy quilts are some of my favorite quilts! I love perusing these quilt patterns and then taking advantage of precuts, using scraps from my stash and putting a pattern together quickly (because sometimes, you just want a quick and easy project). I’ve assembled some of my favorite quilts that I thought you might enjoy, as well!

Quilts using Fat Quarters!

Courthouse Stars QuiltWhat better place to start than the quilt that graces the cover of a special publication called Fat Quarter Quilts? Courthouse Stars uses two traditional quilt blocks – the Star quilt block and Courthouse Steps quilt block. See the hourglass units in the Star blocks? We have a free quilting video tutorial, Sew Easy: Quick Hourglass Units, just for that! Learn how to make hourglass units without cutting triangles. It will save you a ton of time!

Another favorite quilt is the North Carolina Lily by Liz Porter. This quilt uses color coordinated fat quarters throughout the quilt top. You may want to consider hosting or participating in a quilt block exchange for this quilt, which is a lot of fun and strengthens your quilting relationships. For another version of this quilt, Liz Porter did this very thing. Liz and her friends had a Carolina Lily quilt block exchange for a finished quilt with an even scrappier look.

There are 13 more quilt patterns that grace the pages of Fat Quarter Quilts. If you’d like to peruse those beauties, and take a look at the North Carolina Lily quilt by Liz Porter, check out Fat Quarter Quilt Patterns & Techniques!

Scrap Quilt Patterns!

Fons & Porter Associate Editor, Diane Tomlinson, fills us in on a bit stash-busting quilt history in her blog, Got Scrap Quilt PScrap Quilts - Organize Your Fabric Scrapsatterns? She mentions that historically, these quilts were made from frugal leftovers from garment sewing. Did you know that? She also discusses a bit about crazy quilts from the same time period.

So, perhaps you’re a regular lover of scrappy quilt patterns, but your fabric is taking over the room and you could use a way to collect them in an orderly and organized way. Or, maybe, making a scrappy quilt binding sounds like a great idea to you! Well, I put together a Tip Tuesday blog with these and 5 more unique ideas for your Fabric Scraps and your Scrap Quilt Patterns.

For more great ideas, take a look at Scrap Quilt Patterns: Free Quilt Patterns & Scrappy Tips!

Easy Quilt Patterns!

Maggie's Rainbow Quilt - Log Cabin Quilt PatternsIn the quilting world, easy quilting projects are like a breath of fresh air. Between those difficult quilt projects and block of the month quilts, it’s nice to have a weekend project that doesn’t end up in the UFO pile! These quilts are like taking a quilting vacation full of rest, relaxation and fun while reaping the benefits of a lovely finished quilt. It’s quilting made easy!

Take Maggie’s Rainbow for example. This quilt gives a new name to Log Cabin quilt layouts – this one is colorful and fun! You can see the traditional Log Cabin quilt blocks peeking through these whimsical half-Log Cabin quilt blocks. This quilt goes anywhere! Make it your own by choosing a different color palette, or keep it as is and bring to a picnic, use to keep warm while watching a movie or impress a guest as a throw-size quilt in the guest room.

Everyone has their favorite (or favorites!) type of quilt to make. The arrangement, design and colors used sure help to make a quilt stand out, but a quilter likes to know what they’ll be working with! These fat quarter friendly, scrappy and easy quilting projects give you that advantage before you even start cutting your fabric. Take a look around and enjoy!

Carrie Sisk, Online Editor, Fons & Porter

Happy Quilting!

Carrie Sisk, Fons & Porter, Online Editor

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