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3400 series Quilt TV

All quilts featured on Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting TV show are published in the pages of Love of Quilting magazine. Our hope is that the TV program enhances your ability and joy in the quilt. Of course, the techniques you learn on each episode can be used in so many other projects. And the tips—we love the tips submitted by readers as much as you do, so keep them coming!

Because the timing of the print publication can’t be perfectly synced with the air time for each episode—PBS programming is determined by local PBS affiliates, among other things—we make sure to publish all the patterns in one PDF eBooklet, so that you can have all the instructions and the associated Sew Easy tutorials at your fingertips!

This means you get a LOT of patterns! While there are 13 episodes in every series, there are definitely more than 13 patterns!

For the 3400 series, for example, we have two “block party” episodes—episodes in which Sara and Angela take one block design and explore the many techniques that can be used to create it. As Angela shows with the Mother’s Choice block on episode 3404, there can be multiple approaches to one block. Picking your approach is a matter of comfort-level and preference, or the type of design effect you may want to create.

There’s more than one way to build this quilt block—and Angela found yet another!

For those two “block party” episodes, we decided to include every quilt that Angela and Sara shared in the 3400 series eBooklet. So for Mother’s Choice, there are three quilts—Providence by Jen Daly, Table Manners by Natalie Crabtree, and Mother’s Best by Reed Johnson. For Snail’s Trail (episode 3401), we’ve included A Snail’s Trail by Connie Kaufman and Spring Trails by Nancy Mahoney—two very different quilts using the same block!

A Snail’s Trail (left) and Spring Trails (right) feature the same quilt block, but the effect is vastly different.

A few of the patterns this season are classic patterns revisited, which we’ll publish in upcoming issues as well as in the 3400 series pattern eBooklet. Sara liked the chaining effect in Patti Carey’s Trellis, and so decided to revisit the pattern in a fresh fabric palette on episode 3405. We’ve re-drafted the instructions to reflect the color palette change for Mayday Festival.

Trellis (left) was the original design. Sara’s Mayday Festival (right) features update fabrics from Art Gallery Fabrics.

Same thing with Angela’s Refracted Fire—the original quilt, called Trieftec by Tanya Fincken, is wonderful. With the fiery colors from Paintbrush Studio Fabrics, it’s downright spectacular! That quilt is simple to construct… But complicated to organize. You’ll see Sara and Angela puzzle through how to lay it out on episode 3406. Having solid fabrics with no right-side or wrong-side, will be extremely helpful in keeping organized.

Trifecta (left) was the original design. Angela’s update, Refracted Fire (right) features fiery solids from Paintbrush Studio Fabrics.

For more information about the episodes and for a complete supplies list, you can always drop by the 3400 series web page. We hope you enjoy all the episodes and patterns from the 3400 series of Love of Quilting. We certainly did!

Thanks for watching, and happy quilting!
Quilting Company Staff

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