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Every Year I Look Forward to QuiltCon

“Orlando Sunrise” 71-1⁄2″ × 96″ • Made by members of the Orlando MQG Orlando, Florida

As an avid modern quilter who also works in the quilting industry, I am hard pressed to think of an event more tailored to my personal aesthetic and professional interests. Over the past five years QuiltCon has evolved into more than a quilt show: it is a convergence of design, delight, and devotion to the passion of the modern quilter. Now more than ever before, QuiltCon is at the epicenter of what is new in a centuries-old craft. From charity quilts with style such as “Orlando Sunrise” to exquisite examples from the judged show, including “Gold X,” you can tell: members of the MQG are creative, supportive, generous, and talented. Their work speaks volumes.

This year’s featured speaker has a unique perspective on the Modern Quilting Movement. As an award-winning quilter, designer, and industry entrepreneur, Carolyn Friedlander has created a body of work with a strong and recognizable voice. Her quilts honor their traditional roots while remaining distinctly modern. I asked Carolyn to share her perspective of the modern quilting movement and the future of the aesthetic.

What is the influence of your education in architecture? I love the drawn lines on your fabrics and the nod to blueprints, but I suspect the influence goes much deeper.

“Aerial Grove” 83″ × 88″ Carolyn Friedlander
Individual MQG member Lake Wales, Florida

The awesome thing about quilting is that I can take the things that I really like about architecture/design and mix them with other things that I think are also awesome like color, texture, and functionality. Although you could argue that they are in architecture as well, I just love the scale, scope, and prominence of them in quilting. Like architecture, quilting has its own history and set of traditions that can be inspiring to learn from and think about when making current work. I find it all to be very compelling.

As the featured speaker at QuiltCon 2018, you’ll have a “captive audience.” What do you want us to take away from your presentation?

My goal for the talk is similarly attuned to my goals for the workshops that I will be teaching: to help others be creative in ways that they can identify with, in ways that might challenge their expectations of what quilting is, and in ways that might be inspiring. I don’t believe that quilting needs to come in any one form, so my hopes for modern quilting (and all quilting) moving forward are that it will continue to inspire and support the creative spirit of making in all its forms and outcomes.

It’s kind of exciting not knowing where something is going, but I know that in choosing to make stuff at a time when we really don’t need to is a bold move. This shared enthusiasm and excitement can only lead to more opportunities for us to connect and more meaningful ways for us to leave our own marks. I’m a big proponent of that.

Wise words from an inspiring artist! So much about QuiltCon is unique to the culture of making and sharing: I hope you enjoy this issue ofQuiltCon Magazine.

See you in Pasadena!

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