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Many of us have tried our hand at curved piecing, but a lot of quilters shy away from quilts in the shape of a circle, even when it comes to smaller projects such as placemats or table runners. It’s true, most quilted table topper patterns are of the rectangular variety, but that’s just another reason to give circular projects a try.

Since most of us (let’s be honest) are a little wary of trying to tackle a circular patchwork project, I’ve decided to gather five tips from the course so we can all start with confidence.In Sulky’s all-new start anytime online course, Not Your Typical Table Topper, you’ll get to experiment with a variety of table coverings including a Circle Skirt Table Topper. I’ll be honest, I was initially drawn to this darling project because I love the fabrics, the machine embroidered center, and the rick-rack edges.

1. When using a wedge ruler, it’s helpful to mark the lines with chalk or a fabric marker and then to cut with a standard quilting ruler. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to keep the tips of my fingers!

2. Begin sewing your wedges together from the wide edge. In this particular project the center circle will be covered, so it’s more important to maintain the accuracy of the outer edge.

The final wedge might not fit perfectly into the circle.

3. Pressing seams open is really helpful in a project like this. It will help reduce bulkiness before you begin quilting, so your finished topper will lay flat on the table.

4. If you are struggling to fit the final wedge into your circle, don’t panic. Add one or more seams inside some of the original stitched seams that unite the wedges. This will widen the last gap. Press and test after each seam until there is enough room for the last wedge.

5. If the outer edge of your circular table topper isn’t perfect you can easily fix it. Grab a fabric marker and a piece of string to make a compass. Find the center of your table topper, pin or hold your string there, starting at the shortest wedge draw a line around the topper. Then you’ll just need to trim the uneven edges off along the just-drawn circle line.

Use a fabric marker and thread to true up the perimeter of your table topper.

Take the Circle Skirt Table Topper out for a spin when you register for your seat in Sulky Presents: Not Your Typical Table Topper. Explore this and three other quilted table topper patterns that you won’t be able to resist.

When you sign up, you’ll have access to this course for a year and you can start anytime that’s convenient for your schedule. Plus, you can download all of the patterns and videos so you can keep them forever!

Happy quilting!

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