Quilter to Quilter: McCall’s Quilting July/August 2018

Quilter to Quilter: Sheila M. Hartl of Mesa, Arizona, finished the binding on her version of Homeland

Sheila M. Hartl’s Homeland

Sheila M. Hartl of Mesa, Arizona, finished the binding on her version of Homeland (McCall’s Quilting, June/July 2017) while sharing some quilting time with friends Bonnie Gebault and Linda Carr. Sheila (shown on the right) made it for a U.S. Naval veteran named Jason, saying she’s so proud of him and his service and is pleased with the finished quilt.

Quilter to Quilter: Kelly Nelson's Gift from the Heart

Kelly Nelson’s Gift from the Heart

Kelly Nelson of Williamsburg, Iowa, started making Gift from the Heart (McCall’s Quilting, Nov/Dec 2014) during the 2016 holiday break and finished hand quilting it just in time for Christmas 2017. She made it at the request of her daughter Arlette, who had requested a Christmas quilt a few years beforehand.

Quilter to Quilter: Patricia Yasinski's Bull's Eye

Patricia Yasinski’s Bull’s Eye

Patricia Yasinski of Pleasantville, New York, has five sisters and makes a quilt for each one when she turns “the big 6-0.” She made Bull’s Eye, based on a vintage quilt (McCall’s Quilting, March/April 2011), in her sister Mary Ellen Whelan’s favorite colors, but didn’t finish until Mary Ellen was 61. “She loved it anyway,” Patricia said. Note: you can download the Bull’s Eye pattern for free!

Quilter to Quilter: Lisa England's Off Kilter

Lisa England’s Off Kilter

Lisa England of Ashland, Kentucky, made this wonky Log Cabin quilt from the pattern for Off Kilter (McCall’s Quilting, March/April 2016) using a lot of scraps from fabric she’s acquired over the years. She’s made many quilts and this is among her favorites.

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