Quilter’s Wish List: Quilting Gifts for Quilting Pals

quilting gifts

To make your shopping a bit easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite quilting gifts, perfect for gifting to a quilter this holiday season!

quilting gifts

Quilting Gifts: Feeling Slothful

We don’t know what it is about sloths, but these sleepy, slow creatures make us happy! If they make you happy, too, then check out the Slowpoke sewing pattern from Funky Friends Factory. This sloth’s claws have hook-and-loop tape, so you can attach him anywhere to hang out for a nap. A perfect companion to our adorable panel quilt, Sloths!, from Easy Quilts Fall 2018.

quilting gifts

Quilting Gifts: A Fresh Cut of Fun

Time to make some fresh cuts! Olfa’s Splash 45 millimeter rotary cutters now come in purple, pink, and aqua! With the same great design you have come to expect from Olfa, including a dependable safety lock, easy-to-change blade, a grip that works for left- or right-handed quilters, you can now pick a rotary cutter that makes you happy to play with fabric! And you know what else? Their 12″ x 18″ cutting mats are available in aqua and pink, too!

quilting gifts

Quilting Gifts: A Sterling Sampler

Siesta Silver Jewelry produces quilt blocks . . . in sterling silver. With more than 14 to chose from, these delightful charms are hand-crafted and nickel-free. You’ll find beautiful charms for charm bracelets, necklaces and some even come as earrings. This spring, Siesta introduced two lovely new blocks based on Margaret Willingham’s Eye of the Beholder designs.

quilting gifts

Quilting Gifts for Adding Seams Seamlessly

The Add-A-Quarter ruler is one of those word-of-mouth notions that you use once, because a friend recommended it, and then refuse to ever paper-piece without it again. Ensuring you have a nice quarter-inch seam on your foundation-pieced patches is a bit tricky, but not with this ruler. The tapered edge helps you to fold the foundation back easily and precisely. The lip edge, which abuts to the folded-away paper and fabric, lets you rotary-cut a perfect quarter inch seam allowance. And—if it wasn’t useful enough—there are even measurements engraved on the ruler.

quilting gifts

Quilting Gifts: You’re on a Roll!

Sometimes it’s just one triangle too many . . . Take Trellis, a quilt from Marianne Fons (above right), as an example. With more than 833 half-square triangle (HST) units to make, you might start looking for ways to simplify. Well, check out Triangles on a Roll! This foundation-piecing solution (above left) can make a daunting pattern achievable. Available in a variety of sizes, the roll for the 2″ finished half-square triangles produces up to 800 accurate HST units.

Flossy Teacakes’s Guide to English Paper Piecing: Exploring the Fussy-Cut World of Precision Patchwork by Florence Knapp

Quilting Gifts: EPP is the Way to Be

Flossy Teacakes’s Guide to English Paper Piecing: Exploring the Fussy-Cut World of Precision Patchwork by Florence Knapp is a delight! In addition to useful tutorials and practical tips, Knapp provides rich, in-depth information about English Paper Piecing (EPP), from its early days and origins to well-known piecers of today, and even its health benefits. It’s so fascinating to read, in fact, that we couldn’t put it down… Until we hit the chapter with the tutorials, and then we couldn’t wait to start sewing rosettes!

quilting gifts

Quilting Gifts: Rummage No More!

For anyone who has rummaged fruitlessly through sewing supplies looking for that pack of machine needles, this handy caddy is the perfect solution! The Machine NeedlePack II has spaces to put up to 117 machine needles, sorted by size and type. It includes six pockets for packs of new needles. Also included is a pocket guide for choosing the right needle and thread for the project at hand.

quilting gifts

Quilting Gifts for A Solid Foundation

On episode #3212 of “Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting,” Sara Gallegos decided to foundation-piece Bea Lea’s Crumbly Leaves project (below). Whether you are photocopying a pattern you drafted (like Sara did) or are printing from a purchased PDF, we highly recommend Carol Doak’s Foundation Paper. At 8-1/2″ × 11″, it fits in any printer, whether Inkjet or laser. It’s uncoated (so less slippery for fabric), goes through the sewing machine nicely, and then tears out easily.

quilting gifts

Give the gift of quilting all year long!

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