Meet Quilting Arts’ Most Recent Cover Girl, Cheryl Sleboda

Some things in life are worth waiting working for. And becoming the cover girl of Quilting Arts Magazine is one of those “bucket list” goals many an art quilter hopes to attain.

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Let me introduce you to a versatile art quilter who can now add Quilting Arts Cover Girl to her long list of accomplishments.

quilting arts

Cheryl wearing her signature logo t-shirt is a recognizable sewing celebrity. Photo by Bonnie McCaffrey.

Cheryl Sleboda is an award-winning art quilter, lecturer, traveling teacher, and runs two businesses: a merchandise and media company Muppin Inc., and Sew Much Cosplay which targets the sewing audience of cosplay enthusiasts. She is highly visible in the sewing and quilting industry. And most recently, she was the coordinator and host of “Threads of Success,” an industry conference held during Quilt Market 2019. You may have seen Cheryl’s work displayed at Quilt Festival Houston, on Quilting Arts TV, her free web series Con Crunch, as well as in other venues. But she is also a recognizable “sewing celebrity” with a distinctive brand.

While at Quilt Market this October I had an opportunity to show Cheryl the cover of the December 2019/January 2020 issue of Quilting Arts. Here’s a short video of that encounter. Let’s just say we both were crying before Evan, the videographer, had the chance to focus the camera! Why the tears? This was a big deal for Cheryl, and it was also the first time in my seven years at QA that I’ve had the honor to tell the cover artist in person. We both got to share the special moment, and by a lucky coincidence, there was a videographer at hand.

As we move into December, I hope you take time to evaluate your “bucket list” and consider where Quilting Arts fits into your goals. Do you want to write for us or one of our sister publications? Submit your ideas! Do you love our reader challenges? Want to see your work in print? Check out our new challenge Fluttering By in the current issue. Or do you enjoy browsing and enjoying the amazing art quilting galleries? Let us know!

Quilting Arts

Here we are with her cover! Congratulations!

I hope that, like Cheryl, your creative goals come true!

Vivika Hansen DeNegre
Editor, Quilting Arts

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