What’s in your heart of hearts as you work toward reaching your personal and artistic goals?

Sometimes, when you revisit your roots, you find the wings that help you grow.

As this publication approaches its 100th issue, I’ve been doing a lot of “revisiting our roots” lately. Over the past 18 years, QUILTING ARTS has grown from a small quarterly publication that focused primarily on hand embellishment to an all-encompassing resource for a wide variety of art quilting techniques. We’ve featured every imaginable genre of art quilt while sharing the passionate stories of professional art quilters and reports from the front lines. Our roots are firmly planted in this soil!

“Poppy” • 20" x 20" by Jane Haworth| Photos by HornickRivlin.com

“Poppy” • 20″ x 20″ by Jane Haworth| Photo by HornickRivlin.com

Like a tree, some of our branches have blossomed and grown in different directions. Our sister publication, CLOTH PAPER SCISSORS, was an outgrowth of QUILTING ARTS MAGAZINE that focused on all types of fiber arts and collage work. I’d like to welcome CPS readers to our tribe. At QUILTING ARTS, we love mixed media, revel in richly patterned embroidery, dabble with paint/stencils/print, and can’t wait to incorporate more collage and assemblage in this publication. We are inspired by the same rich heritage and share the same stories—and we’re planning on incorporating many mixed-media topics in the new recurring feature “Mix it Up” in future issues. CPS readers will feel right at home!

This issue of QUILTING ARTS is full of inspiration for all who love creative exploration with fabric, color, and thread. Inspiration comes from so many sources! Take a peek into artist (and former contributing editor to CLOTH PAPER SCISSORS) Lesley Riley’s Maryland studio and then learn the secrets behind her paper and fabric wet cyanotype printmaking process. Delve deeper into color theory with Lea McComas’ series, this time focusing on luminosity and making your artwork glow. And let’s not overlook the amazing acts of kindness and generosity from our readers: more than 300 of you responded by creating a record 359 quilts for our Heart of the Home Reader Challenge. This outpouring of creativity will enhance the lives and homes of so many families in transition. You can see a small collection of the quilts in this issue and check out our blog for information about a selection of quilts that will be traveling to shows. On behalf of all who will receive these lovely quilts, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Looking back to our roots has given me a bit of insight into the QUILTING ARTS audience: our readers are kind, generous, talented, and a true inspiration. I can’t wait to see what our future brings!

Vivika Hansen DeNegre, Editor

In The April/May 2019 issue of Quilting Arts


  • Editor’s Note
  • It’s Your Turn
  • About Our Contributors
  • Call For Submissions
  • Studio Style
  • Reader Challenge Announcement: It’s Raining Cats and Dogs
  • The Last Word by Josephine Carubia

Design & Stitch

  • Mix It Up! Wet cyanotype print for paper or fabric by Lesley Riley
  • Pop Art Portraits by Laurie Ceesay Landree
  • For the Love of Pets: Raw edge fabric collage by Jane Haworth
  • Using Color with Confidence: Balance and Luminosity by Lea McComas
  • Say Cheese! Try painting cheesecloth by Julie B. Booth
  • Sophisticated Monoprinting with Stencils and Masks by Ana Buzzalino
  • Painting on Sheer Fabrics by Linda Nelson Johnson

In Profile & Gallery

  • Gallery: Veiwpoints 9 Weather
  • Open Studio: Lesley Riley
  • Artist Q&A with Kristin Axtman by Vivika Hansen DeNegre
  • In Our Own Language: Two women, one special language by Kris Grover
  • Threads of Hope: Imagine an end to gun violence through quilting by Pam Rocco
  • Ourstory: The stories behind the exhibit by Susanne Miller Jones
  • Welcome Home: Results from the ‘Heart of the Home’ Reader Challenge
  • Open Studio: Brenda Rhinehart

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