Quilting Arts Magazine December 2019/January 2020

I welcome December… cold and crisp afternoons and the creep of elongated shadows at dusk remind me that while one year may be ending, another is about to begin. Soon, the days will lengthen, and the eternal cycle will start all over again. December marks the month when we take time to review our personal and professional goals before we set new intentions for the year to come. The December 2019/January 2020 issue of Quilting Arts explores those themes.

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Talisman pouch by Julie B. Booth

Every year when It comes time to evaluate, I seem to focus on the negative. In 2019 I had a number of “arty” goals – most of them good intentions – but fell short accomplishing them. Did I make time for art every day? Master free-motion quilting? Keep my studio organized? Learn how to (fill in the blank)? No… but I did try. I started a sketchbook and kept at it for three months. I purged old art supplies and recycled everything from craft books to fabric scraps. I may not have mastered the feather, but I did practice free-motion meandering and took a class with a wonderful instructor. I may only be able to measure my progress this year in baby steps rather than giant leaps, but at least I moved forward artistically and am hopeful that 2020 will lead to more opportunities to hone my skills.

Quilting Arts

Keeping track of your artistic goals is a great place to start when setting intentions for the year.

With this in mind, Mel Beach’s article “Make and Meet Your Artistic Goals” is a great place to start. She has specific suggestions for making those goals realistic. Maybe choosing “mastering” free-motion quilting last year was too overarching. With Mel’s advice, I may edit it this time around into a more realistic and attainable goal like “mastering the meander.” Similarly, Patricia Kennedy-Zafred shares her insight about the ins and outs of entering your artwork in shows. Her tips are practical and apply to all quilt exhibitions. My favorite? “Keep it clean. Only send work that is truly pristine! Dog or cat hair, hanging threads (unless deliberate), stains, smells, etc. are unacceptable. The work represents you, quite personally.”

You’ll find inspiration to guide your goal setting on every page of this issue. From articles about hand stitching, creating a three-dimensional village, learning how to paint and stencil on fabric, and looking to other cultures for patterns and imagery, we’ve got you covered. I’m especially looking forward to taking some of the (rudimentary) drawings in my sketchbook and applying them to fabric using the information in Susan Brubaker Knapp’s article about markers and pens. Who knows? Maybe 2020 will be the year when I evaluate my goals and say “yes… I did reach them!”

Quilting Arts

Susan Brubaker Knapp frequently uses refillable markers as well as opaque markings with white and black ink on her wholecloth art quilts. This fascinating article compares the pens in her toolbox so you can make your own decisions about which to use in your artwork.

Vivika Hansen DeNegre
Editor, Quilting Arts

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Featured Articles in this issue

  • Make Talisman Pouches with Julie B. Booth
  • Thought you’d worked with every stencil available? Make a Polka Dot Stencel along with Margarita Korioth
  • Learn how to achieve Watercolor Effects on Wholecloth Quilts with Susan Brubaker Knapp
  • Lose yourself in the beauty of the SAQA Gallery Aloft
  • Learn more about Entering Your Work in Shows with Patricia Kennedy-Zafred
  • Cheer on your fellow readers who answered the Create Your Own Color Palette challenge
  • Find out more about using Heat Transfer Vinyl from expert Cheryl Sleboda

Featured Image: Artwork by Cheryl Sleboda

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