What’s in your heart of hearts as you work toward reaching your personal and artistic goals?

Quilting Arts Magazine Feb/Mar 2019 coverOften, a new year is greeted with resolutions, words of affirmation, and plans for self-improvement. Sometimes, those good intentions lead to new opportunities and expanding personal horizons. That is the hope for my personal practice in the studio this year: to make art that is fresh and personally satisfying and is shown in at least one national quilt show.

To do this, I must be true to my muse. I’ll have to start each day with the perspective of an artist. And I’ll also need to commit to my goals just as I do in my professional career. Those are lofty ideals that seem attainable as I write them knowing I have a whole year ahead of me, but will become a bit more pressing as 2019 progresses. But I have a plan, and it has to do with my “to-do” list. As Sue Bleiweiss notes in her article “Stay Organized!” (p. 78), making the list is just the first step in the process.

I’ll also have to collect calls for art, break down my goals into achievable tasks, and manage my daily work to help meet my expectations. Along the way, I’ll also have to make some art quilts!

Over the years, Quilting Arts Magazine has featured many artists who have done just that: made great art and shown it at national venues. This publication has been instrumental in promoting artists whose work is on the cutting edge of art quilting. I am so proud to watch these art quilters show their work, reaching new heights as they achieve their goals. As an example, I counted 10 recent Quilting Arts contributors (including Sue Bleiweiss and Heidi Proffetty from this issue) who were winners in IQA’s “Quilts: A World of Beauty” annual judged show at the 2018 International Quilt Festival, Houston. Amazing!

As you browse this issue, keep in mind the long history we have as art quilters, noted so eloquently by contributor Sandra Sider (p. 10). We have so much to celebrate, both in recent history and in our current time. Art quilts are—and always have been—incredible interpretations of our culture in fabric and thread.




Vivika Hansen DeNegre, Editor


In The February/March 2019 issue of Quilting Arts


2 Editor’s Note
6 It’s Your Turn
8 About Our Contributors
50 Reader Challenge Announcement: Tempus Fugit
63 Call for Submissions
68 Studio Style
81 Show Us Your Studio
87 Marketplace
88 The Last Word: Jaci Lawson

Design and Stitch

18 The Art of Silk Fusion: Tamara Leberer
24 Using Color with Confidence: Lea McComas, Explore the Color Wheel
28 A Piece of My Heart: Valerie Komkov Hill
44 Edit, Print, Paint: Susan Callahan, Unique Imagery for Art Quilts
60 Artistic Exploration: Mixed-Media Techniques – Margarita Kovacs and Paper Napkins Re-Imagined
64 Bespoke Edges: Jane Dávila, Elevate Your Quilts with Something Extra
78 Minding Your Business: Stay Organized!: Sue Bleiweiss, Tips for Keeping Your Art Business on Track
82 Head, Heart, and Hands: Adding Meaning to Art Quilts with Personal Symbols: Deborah Boschert, Hands: Options and Possibilities with Fabric, Paint, and Stitch

In Profile and Gallery

10 Art Quilts in the 21st Century: Sandra Sider
16 Open Studio: Heidi Proffetty
32 Gallery: Cloth in Common
41 In the Spotlight: Susan Callahan
51 Patched Pieces: Results from the ‘Mended’ Reader Challenge
70 Artist Q&A with Jana Šterbová: Gül Laporte
74 In the Spotlight: Judi H. Bastion


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