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Right now, I’m looking for quick quilting projects to make. Running through the file of quilting ideas I keep in my head, I remembered these sweet little free-motion stitched stockings by Diane Rusin Doran from Quilting Arts Gifts 2011. Each is just big enough to hold a small treat, and they’re quick and easy enough to make dozens. You can use them for gift decorations and ornaments, or even string them together to create an advent calendar.

Diane Rusin Doran explains how to quilt
these adorable stocking.

Here are Diane’s instructions for how to quilt up a bunch of these little gems.

Note: To make just one mini stocking, Diane uses 5″ x 6″ pieces (one from the stocking front fabric and two from the craft felt fabric). If you want to make many stockings at one time, Diane suggests you start with larger pieces of fabric and felt.


  • Mini Stocking pattern (see below)
  • Freezer paper
  • Fabric for the stocking front (Diane used red dupioni silk for some of her stockings and red hand-dyed cotton for others.)
  • Craft felt for the stocking foundation-front and back, 2 pieces (Select a color that matches the stocking front fabric.)
  • Trim or ribbon for stocking cuff, 3″ length per stocking
  • White pencil or chalk
  • Fusible web
  • Craft glue

1. Trace the stocking pattern onto the dull side of the freezer paper. Cut out the freezer paper stocking.

Tip: If you are making multiple stockings, you can stack up to 6 pieces of freezer paper, tap the paper side with an iron to temporarily bond them together, and cut out all 6 stocking patterns at once.

2. Apply fusible web to the back of your stocking front fabric.

how to stitch the quilting project
Different stitching patterns give each
stocking personality.

3. Using caution, and with your iron set at the lowest setting for fusing, fuse the fabric to a piece of craft felt. Be aware that craft felt melts at high temperatures.

4. Iron the freezer paper stocking pattern onto the stocking front fabric, again using a relatively low iron temperature.

5. Using a thread color that matches the stocking fabric, mark the stocking shape by sewing around the freezer-paper pattern; do not stitch across the top edge of the stocking. Mark the top edge of the stocking using a white pencil or chalk. Remove the freezer paper. Repeat this step if you are making multiple stockings; leave about ¼” between stockings

6. Change your thread to a contrasting color, if you wish. Quilt each stocking as desired within the area you’ve marked. Remember that the trim at the top of the stocking will cover up the topmost quilting. Diane uses a high-contrast thread color to highlight the quilting, but you can try variegated thread, or use thread that matches the stocking for a more subtle look.

7. Stack your quilted stocking(s) onto another piece of equal-sized craft felt.

8. Using matching thread, stitch once more over the original stitching that marked the outline of each stocking, again leaving the top of the stocking open. Be sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of your stitching.

mini stocking quilt project pattern
Mini stocking quilt project pattern.

9. Trim around the stocking, about 1⁄8” from the stitching line and flush with the top of the stocking.

10. Glue trim to the top of each stocking, and cut any excess off the ends.

11. Attach your mini stockings to gifts or use them as ornaments. For an extra flourish, fill the stockings with a small treat, or hang them together on ribbon to create a swag.

Diane is a multitalented contemporary quilter whose quilt making ranges from small quilt projects like this to large, heavily stitched quilts designed with digital imagery. She has appeared on “Quilting Arts TV” and also offers design and quilting tips on her Quilting Arts WorkshopTM DVD, Digital Collage for Quilt Design from Start to Finish. Whether your quilt project is large or small, quick or more involved, Diane’s quilting lessons can help you create beautiful fiber art and become a better quilter.

P.S. What would you put in these cute little stockings? Leave your comment below.

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