Quilting Quickly September/October 2018

Much like the clever squirrel gathering nuts in anticipation of cooler weather, we quilters often collect bundles of pre-cuts for the same reason. Unlike the squirrel, we don’t hoard the bounty all for ourselves. As much as we enjoy the process—from fabric selection to the last binding stitch—quilting is a labor of love often gifted to family, friends, or charitable causes.

In this issue of Quilting Quickly, we present pre-cut patterns that will make great quilt gifts. Kids and young adults will flip over Ruthie’s Quilt and Step Aside made with colorful 2½” strips. Choose whimsical Halloween prints for Simple Treats—a quick quilt that will delight any generation. For the sports enthusiast, you’ll score big with Play Ball. And what puppy lover wouldn’t dig Dog Patch?

Purple, a very popular color this year, makes a bold statement in this issue. You’ll find soft lavenders in Orchid House, dusty lilacs in Home by Spring, and vibrant grapes in both Color Whirls, and Spruced Goose, plus 3 more quilts to quench a thirst for purple.

Gather those pre-cuts, break out a fresh spool of thread, and rev up your sewing machine—for autumn is upon us and everybody needs a warm, quilty hug!

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