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What inspires you in your quilting? It’s a simple question with an infinite number of answers. We can find inspiration for a new quilt design in nature or from a beautiful piece of art. We can get inspired to make a new project while flipping through a magazine or book. But if you’re looking for inspiration to take your quilting skills to the next level or learn new techniques, where do you go? There are so many wonderful resources out there, between in-person classes, online courses, video tutorials, books, articles and more.

qnntv Quilting Video Tutorials: Whats New @ QNNtv

One of our favorite go-to learning sources is our sister site, QNNtv.com. QNNtv videos are streamed and available to watch from any computer or hand-held viewing device with a high-speed internet connection. The mobility makes it easy to watch the online quilting videos from the comfort of your home – or on-the-go from your mobile device. There are two levels of membership available on the site: a FREE version and a premium version.

There are dozens of shows available on the site, with new content going up weekly. When you’re logged in, you can keep track of what videos you’ve watched and see those “in progress” so you can pick up where you left off and continue watching. It’s an easy, hassle-free experience, whether at home or on-the-go. Here’s a taste of what we’re watching:

quilting videos longarm Quilting Video Tutorials: Whats New @ QNNtv

Longarm Quilting Demystified

*FREE* Longarm Quilting Demystified:  In this series accompanying a new column in Quiltmaker, professional longarm quilter ZJ Humbach takes the intimidation out of longarm quilting. The Grace Company has graciously set up both an electronic machine and a computerized one at the Quiltmaker office, and because these Q’nique 14+ machines are so intuitive and fun to use, we’re using them in video demos to reinforce the concepts you’ll learn in the column. Learn the benefits of a longarm machine, how to thread it, how to load a quilt sandwich onto it, how to quilt basic patterns, and much, much more.

quilting videos my first quilt Quilting Video Tutorials: Whats New @ QNNtv

My First Quilt — Sailboat Block

*FREE* My First Quilt: Sara Gallegos’ popular free show is back for season two, and it’s just as fun and inspiring as ever! These videos are great for anyone new to quilting, or anyone just wanting to get out of their comfort zone and try out some new techniques.

The sailboat quilt block is the focus of one of the latest episodes, and Sara walks you through making this easy block. The first thing to piece together involves sewing the bottom of the boat to the water triangles, which are made using a stitch-and-flip method. Then you add the ocean piece to the bottom of the boat. From there, you can play with how you’d like the sails arranged, and Sara shares different ideas for that arrangement.

quilting videos machine embroidery Quilting Video Tutorials: Whats New @ QNNtv

Absolute Beginner Machine Embroidery — Creating Personalized Pillowcases

Absolute Beginner Machine Embroidery: This premium show is also hosted by Sara Gallegos, and also recently back for season two. If you’re interested in using machine embroidery on your quilting projects, or if you’ve done a bit of machine embroidery but need inspiration or tips to take your skills to the next level, this show is for you.

One of the newest episodes focuses on how to personalize pillowcases with embroidery — a quick and easy beginner-level project. Sara demonstrates how to find the center of the cuff (or band) of the pillowcase in the hoop before showing how to embroider a name on it.

quilting videos quilt remix Quilting Video Tutorials: Whats New @ QNNtv

Quilt Remix: Vintage Pattern, Modern Twist — Remixing Botanica

*FREE* Quilt Remix: Vintage Pattern, Modern Twist: The premise for this show hosted by Kelly Bowser is pretty cool — each month, the series takes a different vintage or traditional quilt pattern each month and makes it with a fun and modern twist. Kelly first presents her modern twist on the original pattern, then welcomes a featured guest who present his or her modern twist. Through the weekly episodes, both Kelly and her guest demonstrate the techniques that helped them in making their quilt variations, and in the last segment of each month, longarm quilter Lynn Bell demonstrates ways to complete your quilt with modern quilting (and sometimes traditional or contemporary quilting)!

This month, Kelly and special guest Jenny Kae Parks are sharing their remixed versions of Krisanne Watkin’s Botanica. Kelly felt a bit intimidated by the complex blocks in the design and made her modern version using only one block, but enlarged to the size of a full picnic-blanket quilt. Jenny decided to deconstruct the block in a Fibonacci spiral.

quilting videos aviary Quilting Video Tutorials: Whats New @ QNNtv

Block of the Month Sew-Alongs — Aviary

*FREE* Block of the Month Sew-Alongs: There are also free video tutorials available for all of our current block of the month quilts, including Aviary with Nancy Mahoney.

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Quilt Remix: Vintage Pattern, Modern Twist – Baby Lock, Tin Lizzie, Ink & Arrow Fabrics, Madeira Threads, Oliso, Quilters Select and Koala Studios

Aviary Block of the Month — Hoffman California Fabrics and Quilt Fusion

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