Quilting with Tula Pink – the Start of Something Beautiful

Tula Pink is an original—an illustrator, quilter, author and patron saint of DIYers—that’s why we decided to strike up a partnership with this multi-talented entrepreneur. Tula Pink has plenty of traditional-inspired quilting projects with a fresh color palette and modern quilters love her. Really, there’s something for every kind of quilter.

To get a better sense of all things Tula, you’re invited to get up close and personal with the designer. Tula opens the doors to her studio to share her life, her inspirations and creative practice with us. Tula’s House: Inside the Mind and Studio of Tula takes us into Tula’s studio in Kansas City for a behind-the-scenes look at her design process. We start at the beginning, with a front row seat, as she designs her fabric line, “Eden, from A to Z” and takes her concepts from sketch to fabric. It’s a rare opportunity to watch the imagination of a designer come to life and it’s fascinating. Find out more about making appropriate color choices, choosing the best fabric for your projects and pursuing entrepreneurship.

Tula Pink Quilts
Tula likes to take traditional ideas, like chevrons, and add a bit of a colorful twist. As you can see, Himalayas aligns simple diagonal pieced quilt blocks to create a majestic mountain vista inspired by a view of the Himalayas. This quilt features Tula Pink’s Eden fabric line—stunning, of course. This block quilt design is an experiment in subtle gradation, tone, and pattern, taking standard chevrons to the next level. If you appreciate color, but the idea of designing your next quilt is a bit daunting, take a look at Picking the Perfect Color Palette with Tula Pink for helpful tips and tools for your next quilt. You can apply what you learn to Tula’s other quilt patterns: Spice Market, Tiger’s Eye, and Tokari Bunai.

Tula Pink Fabric & Ribbon

Tula’s collection of fanciful fabrics and ribbons are playful and make a lasting impression in your projects. It’s fun to peruse her projects for color and design inspiration—take a look at 17 original designs based on her best-selling fabric collection in Embroidery with Tula Pink. You’ll also see how various fiber artists and Tula Pink fans interpret these designs in their own finished projects.

Tula Pink BooksTula blows us away with her quilting books. They’re informative and full of quilts and sewing projects that explore the imagination of an opportunistic quilter. Quilts From the House of Tula Pink (top) is a quilting adventure that includes 10 quilts and 10 patchwork projects that cover basic quilting techniques and color theory. Have you heard about Tula’s coloring book? Explore Tula’s incredible illustrations and ignite the child in you with the Tula Pink Coloring Book. Adult coloring books are great for relieving stress and fostering imagination. Tula Pink’s City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks and Coloring with Thread are spectacular reads, as well, and they also make great gifts!

Tula Pink’s quilting world is a lot of fun—we think she’s pretty great! Take a look around and see what you think. Enjoy!

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