Quiltmaker March/April 2018

Quiltmaker March/April 2018Like most quilters, I love to make quilts for other people. It gives me such a sense of joy creating something that will be loved and used by others. I have shared my love of quilting with my daughter-in-law Emily who recently mentioned that she wants to make a quilt for her son Damion’s high school graduation. Given that she has a full-time job and two children, it wasn’t too early to start. Of course, I invited her to go through my stash to choose fabrics. Since Damion was also visiting, I suggested he join us.

This was such an awakening for me! Damion wanted his quilt to be blue, no surprise there. But as we went through my piles of blue fabrics, I was surprised at some of the fabrics he chose. They were definitely not what I would have picked for him, but I was also pleased to see how diverse his selection was. It was a good lesson for me. I can’t just make assumptions on what I think someone is going to like.

We’ve got several patterns in this issue suitable for a special occasion. We’re focusing on baby quilts with three adorable designs—Bullseye, Baby!, Twitter and Hickory Dickory Dock. Forget Me Knot would make a lovely wedding quilt and Spinners would delight any graduate.

I hope by now you’ve had a chance to check out our new website, QuiltingCompany.com. Not only are all of our sister quilting titles now
on one common site, but you can fi nd courses, galleries, blogs, articles and so much more.

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Carolyn Beam, Content Director


Table of Contents

Hush Little Baby



  • “I think you need stitches.”: Helpful tips for easy and enjoyable embroidery
  • Foundation Piecing Step by Step: Follow these steps for successful foundation piecing
  • I Love Applique!: Simple preparations make applique relaxing and fun
  • Longarm Quilting Demystified: Explore the world of longarm quilting


  • From the Editor
  • Sew to Speak
  • Find Your Inspiration
  • Schoolhouse Steps: Triangle Squares—2 at a Time
  • Creative Spark
  • Schoolhouse Steps: Cutting Patches Efficiently
  • Basic Lessons
  • Addicted to Scraps: Rolling Stone
  • Spotlight

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    This is great but why can’t I access the “bonus material” from issues of QM magazine (digital subscription) which I received prior to the change of management to The Quilting Company?

    February 4, 2018 at 9:51 am
    • pzacharias

      Thanks for reaching out! I’m happy to reply that the same bonus materials *are available, only they’re now integrated in to the magazine issue’s index page (for example, you’ll find bonus materials for the M/A issue of Quiltmaker above). This should be the case for older issues, as well. If you find that any missing please leave a comment or contact our customer service team and we’ll track these down and get them posted. Thanks again!


      March 27, 2018 at 8:16 pm

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