Quiltmakers 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour: Day 3

Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour Road Rally

DAY 3: May 3, 2017

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WELCOME TO DAY 3 of Our 100 Blocks Tour Road Rally!

Vol15 COVER Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour: Day 3

Today is the day of piece-ful celebration! You’ll find all the blocks we are sharing today in the Pieced section of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 15. If you don’t have your copy of Volume 15 of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks stop by your newsstand today for a copy or get a print or digital copy issue now from the Quilt and Sew Shop.

We have more giveaways today! Your comments or questions about the daily blog posts give you a chance to win one of these. We’ll post the winner of each day’s giveaway here on the blog.

And don’t forget the 3 grand prizes we will award at the end of the rally. Join the Souvenir Hunt each day as you take a block stop at each of the day’s designer blog sites for a chance at a grand prize. Winners will be announced on May 8th. Go to Day 1 of the Rally to get the details about participating.

Our Blocks are waiting. Let’s Go!

You Are in the Driver’s Seat

100Blocks SouvenirHunt Day3 Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour: Day 3

We’re going to look at 8 more designers and blocks today. You’ll also meet two more staff members, Gigi Khalsa and Deb McDonald, who contributed pieced block designs for Volume 15. Don’t forget to take a Block Stop to visit with the designers, and look for souvenirs. Be sure to check it out; many of the designers are sponsoring their own giveaways during the rally!

QM100 FANNIN Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour: Day 3

Block #1459
Designed by: Kelly Fannin

Quilty Quotes. This is Kelly’s fourth contribution of blocks designed with punctuation and symbols. All pieced. Quilty Questions was published in Volume 14 of 100 Blocks, You’ve Got Mail in Volume 12, …and so on… in Volume 10. You can buy back issues of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks here.

Block #1465
Designed by: Diane Harris

Triple Threat. A past Associate Editor of Quiltmaker, Diane is undertaking new adventures as a designer and still making incredible stash-busting patterns.

Click on Diane’s block to see color options made by our testers.

Block #1469
Designed by: Debby Johnson

Coronation. Even the Queen of England would fall in love with the elegance of this block made of Stitch-and-Flip units joined by patches.

Click on Debbie’s block to see color options made by our testers.

Block #1478
Designed by: Sarah Maxwell

Summer Spin. Sarah created her whimsical block design using her fabric line Dandy Days along with Centennial Solids, both from Marcus Fabrics. The block pattern is made easy by sewing units and sections before joining the connecting patches.

Click on Sarah’s block to see color options made by our testers.

Block #1498
Designed by: Anne Wiens

Showcase. Oh, the places you can go with this block design! It would be the perfect pattern to showcase a theme print, fussy-cut patch and more in the center.

Click on Anne’s block to see color options made by our testers.

QM100 VANDERBURGH Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour: Day 3

Block #1496
Designed by: Sarah Vanderburgh

Hope Blossom. Sarah’s block design is extra flirty with the tone-on-tones she chose for the fabric. It has the appeal of a freshly picked flower in early springtime.

Last Stop: Our House

Along the tour this week, we are featuring our staff that designed blocks for Volume 15 of 100 Blocks. Get to know us. I asked each of the staff designers to describe the inspiration behind their block design for Volume 15 and to respond to a couple of questions for our meet-and-greet.

QM100 KHALSA Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour: Day 3

Block #1472
Designed by: Gigi Khalsa, Associate Editor, McCall’s Quilting and Quick Quilts
Labyrinth Cabin

Gigi’s block design is based upon a Log Cabin Block, but with additional design elements and slightly different construction. It ends up resembling a labyrinth or maze. The small-scale Robert Kaufman prints were perfect for this design, since the print is small enough that it can disguise seams, but it doesn’t read as a solid or tone-on-tone. She likes the little flowery motifs and the metallic accents of the fabric too. The solid black is a strong contrast to the prints and gives the design a lot of impact. Gigi suggests avoiding the use of large prints to make this block, since it would make the seams more visible and that could dilute the flow of the design.

Working at McCall’s Quilting and Quiltmaker has changed the way Gigi approaches design. As she comes up with a design, she now also thinks about how to write a pattern for it. She’s a big fan of mixing fabric, prints and colors that don’t necessarily ‘match.’ Gigi has stumbled upon really cool designs and effect by mixing disparate elements, and it truly makes her designs unique. She doesn’t feel it’s always successful but it doesn’t stop her from trying. Besides, how would she know if she doesn’t try it??

Gigi feels she has become much better at free-motion quilting on her home sewing machine over the past several years, just by not giving up. Her only advice to others who want to improve is PRACTICE! Her lines aren’t perfect and motifs are often wonky, but when an entire quilt is done, the imperfections aren’t as noticeable as the allover quilting. She acknowledges it can be frustrating during the process but she’s always glad she made the effort when she sees the finished product.

QM100 MCDONALD Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour: Day 3

Block #1480
Designed by: Deb McDonald, Administrative Editor, McCall’s Quilting
Citrus Blender

Deb’s inspiration validates the notion design inspirations for quilt patterns can be found everywhere. Deb’s inspiration for her Volume 15 block design came from a trip to the grocery store, and seeing a container of lemon/lime/orange sherbet. (Note: She says the container did not come home with her.) She made the block during the winter while picturing herself sipping a citrus smoothie while enjoying a bright, warm sunshine.

Deb suggests “growing” this block by cutting patches for the three vertical columns wider than 4-1/2″ and adding orange and yellow patches to the columns in half-inch increasingly larger increments until you’ve created a quilt. It’s also terrific starter pattern for newby quilters; kids and adults to practice sewing and piecing skills.

Deb’s favorite place to quilt is at the picnic table alongside her 5th wheel RV. During the camping season you might find her in one of Colorado’s Front Range parks—Chatfield, Cherry Creek, St. Vrain or Boyd Lake. In addition to quilting, she enjoys reading fiction, mostly mysteries. She also enjoys road bicycling. Deb and her husband live about a mile from the Platte River Trails, so it’s often the destination for a ride. While she loves the mountains of Colorado she is a displaced water person at heart.

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Vol 15 Setting 3 Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour: Day 3

We’ve added a few more blocks to our quilt layout. You can find the patterns for incorporating any of the blocks and this quilt layout, plus more, in 100 Blocks Volume 15!

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Red light! Stop!  Before you leave, comment on this blog post to enter your name for the daily giveaway. Let us know the craziest place you’ve taken your hand quilting or your sewing machine to quilt.

Leave your comment by midnight on Thursday, May 4. Winners will be chosen and announced Friday, May 5.

Today’s winners will receive a copy of 100 Blocks Vol. 15 plus a fabric bundle from one of today’s tour sponsors, Timeless Treasures and Windham Fabrics, and/or a collection of other surprise quilty goodies. (Timeless Treasures is also having a giveaway on their blog, and Windham has a terrific blog post in support of the tour too — so be sure to check those out!) For our giveaway, prizes will be awarded as follows:

  • 4 winners will receive a copy of Vol.15, a fabric bundle and other quilty goodies from the designers and QM.
  • 3 winners will receive a copy of Vol.15 and other quilty goodies from QM.

The winners of the Vol.15 Blog Tour Day 3 Giveaway are: Patricia Lines, Stacy Mitchell, Pat K, Jamie, KT, Vicki H and Karen Thurn. Winners have been notified by email.


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Join us tomorrow for Day 4 of the Block Tour Road Rally!

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