Quilts We Love – Staff Picks

Quilts We Love is a feature in Quiltmaker Magazine. The following is taken from the January/February 2019 issue.

Curious minds want to know: do designers have favorite quilts? Or are they like children and they don’t pick favorites? We asked The Quilting Company staff if they had a favorite quilt they designed for the pages of our magazines. Here is what they said.

Mountain Lil by Tricia Patterson, Quiltmaker May/June 2017

Mountain Lil, Quiltmaker May/June 2017

I don’t think I could live with myself as a grandmother if I didn’t choose Mountain Lil. I designed this quilt for the May/June 2017 of Quiltmaker. The design was inspired by the flowers we find in the high country mountains of Colorado in the summer and spring, and thinking about the love of all the rainbow colors that attract my youngest granddaughter, Lily. – Tricia Patterson, Group Editorial Director

Go Fish by Erin Russek, McCall’s Quick Quilts April/May 2014

Go Fish, McCall’s Quick Quilts April/May 2014

This quilt was a remake of a quilt I made for my daughter when she was little. The quilt I made for my daughter was one of my first attempts at designing an appliqué quilt. I loved picking out all the bright fabrics and finding ways to combine them. I also love the little pieced fish that make up the setting squares and triangles. Whenever I see fun fabrics like these I want to make another fish quilt with them. – Erin Russek, Associate Editor

Princess and the Pea by Lori Baker, Quilters Newsletter Best Kids Quilts Spring 2015

Princess and the Pea, Quilters Newsletter Best Kids Quilts Spring 2015

I love my quilt, The Princess and the Pea. The story was one of my favorites as a child. So when designing a quilt for a little girl, I wanted to use that story… but I can’t draw. Not so you can recognize what I’m drawing anyway. So I asked my son, Elijah, to draw me his take on the princess and the pea story. When he gave it to me, I loved everything about it, except that the pea was the size of a bowling ball. I modified his art to make the pea much smaller but I copied his original art onto fabric and put it on the back of the quilt. When the quilt was all done and our family was discussing who should get the quilt, Elijah wanted it, even though it’s pink and ultra feminine. It seems like a great home for The Princess and the Pea. – Lori Baker, Editor

The Right Slice by Denise Starck, Quiltmaker November/December 2013

The Right Slice, Quiltmaker November/December 2013

I am not a scrap quilter, never have been. I don’t keep scraps, I don’t have a scrap stash. The thought of trying to pull together a whe quilt’s worth of random scraps raises my blood pressure. I typically like more control over my color palette and fabric choices. When my colleagues and I designed this quilt, I decided to sew it scrappy for Christmas. I asked everyone to contribute 5″ squares in a wide range of reds and greens to make the ultimate scrap quilt. My plan was to not duplicate any fabric. I came so close… there was one fabric that is used twice. I love this quilt because it pushed me out of my confort zone and challenged me to scrap it up! – Denise Starck, Art Director

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