Quilty September/October 2017 – Fons & Porter

Hey there, Quilty pals! Settle into your favorite comfy chair to thumb through the pages of your brand new Quilty September/October 2017 issue. But I’ll warn you—be prepared to add to your ever-growing list of “must make quilts” before you do!

This issue showcases some truly extraordinary modern/traditional crossover quilts that we can’t wait to make, and we know you won’t be able to resist either. Whether you love traditional quilts, or are more drawn to the modern aesthetic, you’ll find lots of swoon-worthy projects in these pages. And, as always, beginners are welcome here! Never sewn a stitch? Let us help you thread that needle!

This fall, let’s focus on flannel! Check out this issue’s “A Material Difference” for the complete scoop on working with this different substrate, and then try it out with two all-flannel quilt projects—one, a traditional plaid rag quilt, the other, a sweet and chic modern tumbler quilt. Several other tried-and-true classics, like Courthouse Steps and the Orange Peel blocks get a makeover in this issue.

Star quilts are everywhere these days, and you’ll get four awesome ones here in Quilty: Star Salute is the cool and patriotic quilt of your dreams; The Academy pays tribute to dedicated police officers everywhere; In the Spotlight puts a star motif center stage; and Crossroads has a fresh-but-vintage flair, perfect for turning your house into a quilted home. So, time get stitching, faithful Quilty reader! So many quilts to make, so little time…

Quilts Featured In This Issue

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