#RaisedByAMaker – These are your stories!

#raisedbyamaker - the stories of how we learned to become the makers we are today
Learn what #raisedbyamaker is all about and discover the stories of passionate crafters

Learn what #RaisedByAMaker is all about and discover the stories of passionate crafters like you!

Have you heard the story about the girl who sews toys to give to those less fortunate? Or the one about boy who fell in love with crochet and donates his projects to the orphanage where he was adopted?

How about the one where a loved one took the time to really show someone how to knit? Or sat, stitch by stitch, to help someone make their first quilt?

All of these stories have something in common… someone who took the time to support and in some cases directly teach a skill to someone they love. They are the mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, teachers, and friends who have helped each of us become the passionate maker that we are today.

We’re honoring them all in a new series of stories we’re calling Raised by a Maker. This idea started back in December 2017, when our very own Kerry Bogert told her story of Raising a Maker. Her daughter then crafted a clever rebuttal to what it’s like to be Raised by a Maker. They inspired and delighted us, and they have set the stage for us to continue the story.

On this special day of recognition and throughout the rest of May, we’ll be sharing our inspiring, touching, and entertaining #RaisedByAMaker stories, and asking you to share yours as well. We’ll take this conversation viral as we deliver heartfelt love letters to the makers before us and those yet to get hooked.

Each day for the rest of the month, you can find stories on our Instagram accounts (shown below), and we encourage you to share your story too using #RaisedByAMaker!


Plus, as a special treat throughout the month, a few of our trusted partners will join in sharing their #RaisedByAMaker stories! Tune in as they take over our Instagram accounts, share the love, and even offer something for your maker lifestyle (hint hint, it might be a giveaway).

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Use #RaisedByAMaker and share your own story about the handmade life. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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