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Have You Made A Quiltmaker Quilt?

We love to see quilts made from our patterns! Send us your digital images and we’ll consider it for publication in our magazine features, Sew to Speak or Spotlight. Please send clear, focused images with adequate lighting. Include a photo of the entire quilt and a close-up of any interesting details. Try to minimize busy backgrounds and extraneous objects.

Email your digital images to Please include the name of the pattern, the size of the quilt, a short note about why you made the quilt, any awards received and any other details our readers might enjoy.

Requirements for Digital Images

In order to be considered for publication, digital photos must be taken at the correct resolution.

The file size must be at least 600 kb and the image size must meet or exceed the following:

  • 16˝ x 20˝ at 72 dpi (1152 x 1440 pixels)
  • 8˝ x 11˝ at 180 dpi (1600 x 2000 pixels)
  • 4˝ x 5˝ at 300 dpi (1200 x 500 pixels)
    (This is three different ways of saying the same thing.)

Camera settings vary; please follow these guidelines and consult the owner’s manual for your camera. Newer digital cameras (3.2 MP and higher) can be set at medium resolution. Older digital cameras (2.1 MP) must be set at high resolution.

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