Recipes for Strip Rolls: Cooking Up Quick Summer Quilts!


Hands down, the most popular pre-cuts are 2-1/2” strips. Those yummy little rolls of fabric strips are so enticing—all those sweet prints and colors swirled together in a tasty collection…

In Quilting Quickly, we specialize in catering projects for pre-cut collections. In our upcoming July/August issue, we went 2-1/2” strip mad, and cooked up NINE projects specific to 2-1/2” strips.

The basic recipe for a standard roll of strips—whether you call it a Jelly Roll, Roly-Poly, or Roll-Up—doesn’t change much. In each roll, you’ll get 40 strips of fabric, usually from one collection or pre-selected from multiple collections to work together, which are along the width of fabric (WOF), which is typically 40-44”. You often get duplicate strips in the bundle of strips. Total yardage, about 2-3/4 yards.

We know this recipe backward and forward, and ALL of the projects we cook up for 2-1/2” strips are designed to make the most of it.

What does this mean for you? It means you can use ANY collection you want—the math is taken care of! It is incredibly easy to swap out one fabric collection for another. You can turn a spring quilt into a Christmas quilt, or a Civil War reproduction design into a sweet baby quilt, simply by purchasing a different pre-cut collection, and swapping it in.

Eileen Fowler, our resident pre-cut princess (and pun-master), took about 10 minutes in Electric Quilt to play with Daisy Hash Tags (original design by Sue Pfau). The version we published in this issue features a lovely fabric collection called Daisy Chain, by Annabel Wrigley for Windham Fabrics.

Daisy Hash Tags - Sweet as Can Be!

Sweet as can be!

But if you’re looking for something more juicy than sweet, how about Modern Marks by Christa Watson for Benartex? Eileen used a vibrant red for the border, and a rich blue for the background.

Daisy Hash Tags color option - Ooh! Hello, summer!

Ooh! Hello, summer!

There are NINE easy-to-adapt, strip-friendly projects in this issue. Check them out, and cook up something special!

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