108C | Remixing Walnut Grove, Part 3

Quilt Remix | Erin Russek & Kelly Bowser | Runtime (13 min)

Guest Erin Russek makes lots of Dresden applique pieces using hand sewing. Walnut Grove by Kathy Delaney is the perfect inspiration for many different styles of Dresdens, and they can be machine-sewn and raw-edge appliqued as Kelly did on her variation, or they can be hand-sewn as Erin prefers. Erin shows some of her Dresdens in unfinished block form, mini quilt form, and mini Dresdens which haven’t yet been sewn to a block or quilt. She then demonstrates her method for getting gorgeous center circles for the middle of the Dresden plate blocks, and she and Kelly discuss how you could use Erin’s “secret trick” with machine sewing while Erin demonstrates her hand-sewing method.


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