Reverse Applique Quilting Video from Sew Easy and Fons & Porter

Reverse applique isn’t as hard or complicated as it might sound. Rather than using other tools, this method simply uses freezer paper – the best tool that a quilter can have in their toolbox! Use freezer paper to make reverse appliqué circles. It’s not as hard as you might think! There are several different ways to go about accomplishing applique and this is just one method. It might be the best method for you or you might prefer another method. Learn how to do them all – or at least watch a few videos on applique from Sew Easy – and figure out which method will work best for you and your quilting practice. Some people gravitate to one type of applique over the other without even trying it! Others, see a technique and just go with it.  If that sounds like you, maybe this method is for you!

About Reverse Applique Circles

Suggested Quilt Patterns Using This TechniqueWriter’s Block Quilt, Circles for Paige Quilt

Learn How To Do This Quilting Technique

In the quilting video below, we show you how to use reverse applique to make quilted circles. You can use this technique on other types of quilting patterns as well.

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