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Do you know how to bind a quilt? Do you know how to quilt your own quilts? There are several steps to finishing a quilt and we’d like to pass on our quilting knowledge, tips and tricks to you! We have plenty of resources for you to take advantage, including tips from the Fons & Porter staff, expert affiliates and contributors. Read on to see where to get this information!

Binding is a big deal in the quilting world. But, before the binding goes on, quilts need to be quilted. It’s common for quilters to send their quilts out to longarm quilting experts, but it’s definitely not necessary. Plus, it’s expensive! If you can save yourself some cash, that’s incentive enough! Quilting can be done on your home sewing machine and it can look spectacular. Of course, it helps to have guidance from professionals, like Amy Ellis.

Whether you’re ready to learn to quilt or you’d like to refine your skills, Finishing Your Quilt on a Home Sewing Machine is a wonderful course that walks you through straight-line quilting and free-motion quilting. Host Amy Ellis –author, quilt and fabric designer, quilter, and Baby Lock spokesperson — discusses the tools that make quilting on your home sewing machine a success. She also guides you through the process of free-motion quilting, showing you what works well for small spaces in your piecing and how to create all-over designs. To get you started, you’ll get a single free download featuring 502 quilting motifs. Very exciting and so helpful!

Longarm Fundamentals with Angela HuffmanIf you have a longarm quilting machine and you’re interested in mastering the fundamentals of longarm quilting, Angela Huffman –blue ribbon winning longarm quilter — offers 13 hours of video instruction on how to  make your longarm quilting a success.

Another great resource, Dawn Cavanaugh — National Education Director and Customer Service Manager for APQS — writes a column called Quilting the Quilt in every Love of Quilting issue. In one of her recent articles, Quilting the Quilt: Sewing on Your Longarm Quilting Machine, Dawn discusses quilting with glow-in-the-dark thread. Find out how to adjust your tension when using this thread, choosing the best thread path for your purposes, and much more. There’s also a free quilt pattern download available, designed by Dawn herself! If you’re interested in watching an award-winning series featuring everyday quilters showing you the ins and outs of quilting by machine, take a look at Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show. It’s absolutely worth your time.

We talked about binding earlier and all things that relate to finishing a quilt. Take a look at the information we have waiting for you in the How to Finish a Quilt section of our website. You’ll find indispensable tips and techniques waiting for you there. There are also plenty of free Sew Easy lessons for binding basics, bias binding and binding with various fabrics and techniques.

Do you have any binding and/or quilting how-to tips of your own to share? Tell us about them! Quilting is a communal art, so spreading the quilting love is always appreciated.

Carrie Sisk, Online Editor, Fons & Porter


Happy Quilting!

Carrie Sisk, Fons & Porter, Online Editor

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