Sew Easy: Binding a Quilt

Sew Easy: Binding a Quilt

Finish your quilt beautifully with this tried-and-true method for binding. Below you’ll find both video and image+text tutorials for this technique with clear, step-by-step instructions. PLUS—if you’ve found this lesson useful, you can download a copy of this AND many more Sew Easy lessons in our FREE eBooklet Sew Easy Lessons: The Essential Collection of Quilting Techniques. Click here to download your copy of this lesson plus many other tried-and-true patchwork tutorials!

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Sew Easy Instructions

  1. Cut number of 2½”-wide strips necessary to equal the perimeter of quilt plus 20″. Join strips with diagonal seams into one continuous piece. Press seams open.
  2. Press binding in half lengthwise, wrong sides together.TIP: For a satisfying “plump“ binding, we recommend cutting the batting and backing a scant 1⁄8″ larger all around than the quilt top.
  3. Begin in middle of one side of quilt. Leaving a 12″ tail of binding free, match raw edges of binding strip to raw edge of quilt top. Use an even-feed or walking foot to sew through all layers with ¼” seam.
  4. To miter corners, stop ¼” from corner, backstitch, and remove quilt from sewing machine.
  5. Rotate quilt a quarter turn and fold binding straight up, away from the corner, forming a 45-degree angle fold.
  6. Bring binding straight down in line with next edge, leaving top fold even with raw edge of previously sewn side.
  7. Sew through all layers from top edge of fold.
  8. In same manner, sew remaining sides and corners of quilt. Stop sewing about 8″ from starting point and leave about a 12″ tail.
  9. Bring beginning and end of binding to center of 8″ opening and fold each back, leaving a ¼” space between the two folds to allow for stretching of binding. Press.
  10. Open out binding and draw a line on the wrong side on fold line. Draw another line on lengthwise fold to create an X.
  11. Draw a line at a 45-degree angle from edge of binding through the X. Repeat for other end of binding. Lines must angle in same direction.
  12. Pin binding ends together with right sides facing, matching diagonal lines. Binding ends will be at right angles.
  13. Sew along diagonal line, removing pins as you sew.
  14. Check that binding is correct length, then trim ends ¼” from seam.
  15. Finger press seam open, fold binding in half and finish attaching to quilt. Press.
  16. Bring folded edge of binding to quilt back so it covers machine stitching. Blindstitch edge to quilt back.
  17. Take care to form 45-degree angle at corner. Sew mitered folds on both front and back of quilt.

Products used: Products used: Havel’s Self-Healing Cutting Mat, Havel’s 6″ x 24″ Fabric Ruler, Havel’s 6-½” Fabric Ruler, Havel’s 45mm Rotary Cutter, Havel’s 5½” Curved-Tip Embroidery Scissors. Check out Havel’s Sewing for more information and a complete catalog.

Other products include Aurifil 40wt. cotton thread (fuchsia), pencil, glasshead pins, hand sewing needle, wool pressing pad, travel iron, starch.

Machine featured is the performance icon™ by PFAFF®. To find a retailer near you, visit

Fabric from Garden Glory collection by Maja Ronnback and Abstract Collage collection by Ampersand, both for Paintbrush Studio Fabrics.

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