Sew Easy: Mirror Images

Sew Easy: Mirror Images

“Mirror-image” the motifs in large-scale or novelty prints to create kaleidoscope-style patchwork. Below you’ll find both video and image+text tutorials for this technique with clear, step-by-step instructions. PLUS—if you’ve found this lesson useful, you can download a copy of this AND many more Sew Easy lessons in our FREE eBooklet Sew Easy Lessons: The Essential Collection of Quilting Techniques. Click here to download your copy of this lesson plus many other tried-and-true patchwork tutorials!

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Sew Easy Instructions

  1. Identify desired motif. Using a folding mirror helps isolate a motif, and visualize the repeat.
  2. Mark required number of motifs on fabric, outlining area larger than finished patch, then cut into equally sized portions.
  3. Stack equally sized portions of fabric, aligning motifs by pushing a sharp pin through each layer at same point.
  4. Using a fussy-cutting window or template, isolate your desired motif within your shape.
  5. Cut through all layers.
  6. When patches (here, diamonds) are sewn together, they “kaleidoscope” into fascinating patterns.

Products used: Martelli’s Color-Contrasting Cutting Mat, Martelli’s 6″ x 24″ No-Slip Ruler, Martelli’s Quilt Marking Pencil, Martelli’s 60mm Ergonomic Rotary Cutter, Martelli’s Diamond Templates and Fussy-Cut Set, and Martelli’s Advantage Work Station. For a complete catalog of Martelli’s notions, as well as useful how-to videos, visit their website.

Other products include folding mirror (by Marti Michell), glasshead pins, Aurifil 40wt. cotton thread (fuchsia).

Machine featured is the performance icon™ by PFAFF®. To find a retailer near you, visit

Fabric from Gulls Just Want to Have Fun collection by Paintbrush Studio Fabrics.

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