Sew Many (Flying) Geese: Giveaway

I have a love-hate relationship with Flying Geese. They’re beautiful and effective, especially when used repeatedly in quilt designs. But they can also be a pain if you don’t have a good method for making Flying Geese, or if you don’t know the little secrets to being successful.

Sew Many Geese, designed and pieced by Monique Dillard. Quilted by LeAnne Olson. Fabric: Tonga Batiks from Timeless Treasures.

Sew Many Geese is a gorgeous quilt by Monique Dillard that appears in Quiltmaker’s Jan/Feb issue. Now that’s a lot of honkers! In order to make this beauty, you’ll want to have a few tricks up your sleeve.

If you’re a new quilter, you might be wondering what exactly we mean by Flying Geese. They are a much-used common unit in traditional quilt blocks. Here’s just one:

flyinggeese1 Sew Many (Flying) Geese: Giveaway

This is one Flying Geese unit.

I’ve never been sure if a single unit is called a Flying Goose. At any rate, Flying Geese can be any size, but they are almost always twice as wide as they are tall. The one above will finish at 2″ x 4″.

flyinggeese2 Sew Many (Flying) Geese: Giveaway

Sewing several single units together gives the effect of “flying geese.”

When you sew several single units together, you get the effect of “flying geese,” above. There are many ways to make Flying Geese, and different quilters prefer different methods.

You’ll find the Quiltmaker method in Basic Lessons, found in every regular issue. In the Jan/Feb issue, the method is given on page 77. Or watch Paula Stoddard’s short free video on Quiltmaker’s Block Network.

FittobeGeesepicture Sew Many (Flying) Geese: Giveaway

Monique Dillard’s Fit to be Geese ruler

Monique designed a ruler called “Fit to be Geese” for trimming Flying Geese accurately. There’s also a Mini Fit to be Geese ruler. The rulers are sold through her business, Open Gate Quilts. Watch a short video to see how they work.

QMMP 150200 mini 506px Sew Many (Flying) Geese: Giveaway

Blushing Geese, the QM Mini in Quiltmaker Jan/Feb ’15. Made by Cindy LeBaron. Fabric: Grunge by BasicGrey for Moda Fabrics.

The mini ruler would work nicely for Blushing Geese, which also appears in the Jan/Feb issue. It’s the first of our QM Minis, in which we take one pattern and adapt it to a smaller version. This 21″ x 21″ quilt is absolutely gorgeous when seen in person. I would love to own it.

I hope you’ll try some Flying Geese of your own. If you love making them, maybe one of these quilts is in your future.

MoniqueGiveAway2 Sew Many (Flying) Geese: Giveaway

Two Fit to be Geese rulers and two bundles from Timeless Treasures are up for grabs today.

We have two Fit to be Geese rulers for giveaway today, as well as two beautiful bundles of fat quarters from Timeless Treasures.

For your chance to win, please leave a comment below before midnight Friday, Jan. 23 and tell me how you make Flying Geese, or if you’d like to try. Would you like a lesson on various ways to make them? Please let me know in the comments. We’ll choose winners randomly and announce them here next week.

Winner’s of the Sew Many (Flying) Geese Giveaway are Gaylene and Teresa. Both winners have been notified by email!

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Need some Timeless Treasures batiks of your own? We’ve got ‘em!

SQTT1313 Sew Many (Flying) Geese: Giveaway

We have beautiful batiks from Timeless Treasures.


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