Sew Many Tips: January/February 2019

Sew Many Tips | Quilting Tips

The Sew Many Tips below were originally published in the Love of Quilting January/February 2019 issue; if you have a great quilting tip, we’d love to hear from you! Find out how to submit your favorite quilting tips below.


When I have a lot of corners with inset seams that I need to mark start and end points, I cut a piece of template plastic to fit the seam allowance at the corner, then mark the intersection of the fabric.

Ruth Young
Freeman, MO

Sew Many Tips | Quilting Tips


If you’ve lost a cap to your seam ripper or it keeps falling off, replace it with a wine cork! It also stands up on your sewing table!

Pam Carter-Wiley
Stow, OH

Sew Many Tips | Quilting Tips


Seems we all have those decorative stitches we don’t use if we are quilters!

Make your quilt label about an inch larger than the desired finished size. After writing on your quilt label, fold the edges over and use a decorative stitch to hem and decorate your label to easily hand stitch on your quilt.

Lucy Goetz
Franklin Park, IL

Sew Many Tips | Quilting Tips


At 80, I’ve collected a lot of thread, but use them all! The many spools of thread took up most of my thread drawer with strings all over and unraveling. I found some elastic hair bands that work well over the thread. Since they are hair bands, they don’t tangle so much.

Donna Barnhart
North Plains, OR

Sew Many Tips | Quilting Tips


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