Sew Many Tips: July/August 2018

The Sew Many Tips below were originally published in the July/August issue of Love of Quilting; if you have a great quilting tip, we’d love to hear from you! Find out how to submit your favorite quilting tips below.

Just a Quarter

a piece of ¼" tape on the corner can remind you where to stop sewing

a piece of ¼” tape on the corner can remind you where to stop sewing

As I apply my binding, I put a piece of ¼” tape on the corner of the quilt top to help me know where to stop sewing. It’s easy to see and easy to remove!

Mary Jo Haczewski
Littlestown, PA

Get Crazy with Scraps!

Use scraps in every way imaginable!

Use scraps in every way imaginable

Whenever I have scraps built up in a pile from cutting, I make crazy quilt blocks. I keep anything I can sew with! Before long, I have enough to make a whole quilt!

Patricia Sparks
Vichy, MO

Press, Do Not Iron

One hot reminder

One hot reminder!

I was practicing using my machine to write, and made this to keep on the end of my ironing board to remind myself to press and not iron my patchwork!

Nancy Barnes
Saint Helena, CA

What Size Was That?

"Need"le to know information

“Need”le to know information

I cut out a square of hook-and-loop tape, and stuck the “hook” side to the front of my machine. To the “loop” side, I attach a piece of paper noting what size of needle I am using at the moment. When I change needle sizes, I change the loop tape to the needle size I’m using.

Mary Hayes
Henry, IL

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