Artists Give Back: Build a House Quilt to Share

house quilt

Home. Is there a more powerful word? It can mean different things to each of us, and yet a few common themes are likely to repeat: shelter, love, and happiness. Now, close your eyes, and imagine losing everything that home represents to you. Then, imagine being granted a fresh start and a second chance, and a house quilt can be a part of that.

house quilt

Heart of the Home Quilt by Jamie Fingal

It is that feeling of relief and happiness that we are trying to capture with our current Reader Challenge, and everyone is invited to participate!

Jamie Fingal delivers quilts to Furnishing Hope

You Can Make and Lend a Hand

Transitioning out of homelessness and into a permanent residence is life changing. To celebrate this monumental event, quilt artist Jamie Fingal has partnered with Furnishing Hope, an organization that supplies the furnishings for homes for the previously homeless. Jamie’s project, Heart of the Home, makes a personal wall quilt for each new dwelling. And, along with many other art quilters, (many of whom are also Quilting Arts Contributors), Jamie has coordinated more than 300 quilts for donation. In the words of one of the recipients, “This is so special. No matter where I go, or what I do, this (quilt) will always hang in my home. It’s a reminder to me that there are people out there that care.”

How Can You Help?

Make a quilt! Heart of the Home wall quilts are made and donated by volunteers around the country and sent to Jamie to be hand delivered to Furnishing Hope for distribution. These whimsical and cheerful quilts welcome the new family to the new chapter in their life. The quilts are all different and unique to each quilter. We all work in our own styles. There are a few requirements, however, to keep the project on track.

Size: The quilts are all a uniform size, measuring 14″ x 14″
Hanging device: All wall quilts must have aluminum pop tops or rings sewn into the upper corners of each quilt for easy hanging
Labels: All quilts should be labeled with The House Quilt Project, maker’s name, city and state, Year, and “Do Not Wash.”
Image: Every quilt should be visually appealing, creative, and feature a house!
Send: Send your quilts to the following address by December 7, 2018

Quilting Arts/F+W Media
Attn: Heart of the Home
2 Mill & Main Place, Suite 610
Maynard MA 01754

house quilt

You can create the quilt in any style – mine, shown here, is inspired by the work of artist Katie Essam. Use any technique that inspires you… and if you need further inspiration, check out Laurie Russman’s instructions in Quilting Arts October/November for a quick and cute fused quilt!

house quilt

Laurie’s quilts feature moons, cats, and swings. Adorable!

Quilters are generous people—and what better way to contribute than to create a small art piece to brighten up a family’s new space? The editorial team will collect all your thoughtful quilts and organize them for donation to Heart of the Home.

Join fellow Quilting Arts readers, contributors, and staff and create an art quilt based on the theme “Heart of the Home.” Share your quilt with us and we’ll publish a sampling of readers’ artwork in the April/May issue.



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