Simple Quilt Blocks: Modify a Pattern to Fit Your Fabric

We love seeing patterns made up by a collection of quilters!

Every pattern has a destiny to become someone’s favorite quilt, and inspiration can strike from so many different sources. Often I find inspiration from a fabric collection (we get to see and touch lots of new fabrics in the Quilting Company offices) and more often than not these fabrics get my gears turning and I can’t wait to find the perfect pattern—even just to showcase the fabric in simple quilt blocks. Admittedly, one out of a hundred of these ideas actually becomes a quilt. But, Technical Editor Annette Falvo has a better track record than I do and created a beautiful quilt inspired by a fabric collection.


QT Fabrics’ Mirabelle for Santoro ‘Adrift’ collection

QT Fabrics’ Mirabelle for Santoro ‘Adrift’ collection


The fabric that started it all

“When I found QT Fabrics’ Mirabelle for Santoro fabric line I was smitten! I just had to use the Adrift collection to make a quilt for Gabby, my six-year-old niece. “Mia’s Secret Garden” by Rebecca LoGiudice first published in the March/April 2011 issue of McCall’s Quilting is so feminine and pretty! It’s a perfectly elegant design for Adrift’s ethereal mermaids, seashells, moons, and stars.

“Mia’s Secret Garden” by Rebecca LoGuidice • 44" x 44"

“Mia’s Secret Garden” by Rebecca LoGuidice • 44″ x 44″

The ethereal feel of the fabric reflects Gabby’s sweet personality and the mermaid theme resonates with her family’s love for the sport of fishing.

Mermaid’s for Gabby

Mermaids for Gabby

Her daddy, Brad, is an avid fly-fisherman who also champions river conservation efforts. Each year, in recognition of Earth Day, he organizes an event called “Fish for Garbage.’ Participants, which include family, friends, and fellow anglers, spend the day cleaning up Utah’s Provo River. The participants also enjoy food, raffles, and really nice prizes.

Annette’s version of “Mia’s Secret Garden”

Annette’s version of “Mia’s Secret Garden”


Annette Falvo

Annette Falvo

I really like how the corner triangles in “Mia’s Secret Garden,” created by a simple stitch-and-flip method, bring a subtle sense of movement to the quilt’s design … so fitting for a fabric line called Adrift!


Since Adrift’s panels are rectangular rather than square, my modifications to “Mia’s Secret Garden” included changing the size and shape of the simple quilt blocks. This design easily adapts to rectangular panels.”

—Annette Falvo, Technical Editor

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